My worlds collide and my over a decade old self is smiling so much. An actual shout out to @adam on a Jupiter Broadcasting show during the "How to Save Podcasting" segment. Love it!

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@dudenamedcraig @adam @dave Thanks for the link. I guess this is what Dave did while Adam was on JRE.

@dudenamedcraig @adam

I haven't heard the episode yet. Did Chris mention he was a NA producer?

@moshguy He did not but it seemed like he was a huge fan of the Value For Value model. That had crossed my mind as well. Very curious if he has or had listened to the show. I know he has a similar show of his own, which I will digress at this point.


I know he's been a listener of NA for a while. I believe he's even been called out as a douche bag.

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