mr robot ended. now what am i suppose to watch. (so sad)

star wars fans haven't been happy since the 80s

Just started watching Rubicon (2 episodes in). I've learned two things so far:

1. Watching this show makes you a better NoAgenda Producer.

2. @Johncdvorak personifies the character of David Hadas.

> Gosh, I would love to live in London.
> It's quite wonderful now that the English have left.
> (Laughs)

UnReal - s04e02

time to play call of duty.
another 20GB update?
blizzard is the best!

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the UK Election

shirt idea:

"stop catastrophic technological unemployment"


if you woke up as a doughnut, would you eat yourself?

why do people in movies have the coolest instagram usernames?

wtf. i can't play call of duty story mode offline.

all this time you thought the jews rule the world. but it was really the chinese.

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