wtf. i can't play call of duty story mode offline.

all this time you thought the jews rule the world. but it was really the chinese.

when does the incel rebellion begin? i need to be home by 12.

Mark Renton: 1,000 years from now there will be no guys and no girls, just wankers.

- Trainspotting

who knew it wouldn't come sooner.

if i ever get fired. instead of looking for a new job, i'll solve global warming.

its official. they are too many god damn podcasts. shit man. even TI (rapper) has a podcast.

i actually like greta thunberg.

yes she has autism and is being abused for likes on social. but at least she's trying.

why is bitchute so badly designed? site looks like its over 20 years old.

i hate when people do people say: "i liking meeting new people."

what's wrong with the old ones?

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