kinda want to visit vietnam. just so i can say: “back in nam”

Epstein Cause Of Death Confirmed:

It was out of nowhere. Didn’t see it coming.

is uncle joe still running? haven't heard from him in a while.

does anyone else call baltimore "B-More"? Just me?

i can't remember the last time i visited worldstar hiphop.

so wait.

Gab is making an app store because they can't get their app onto the Google or Apple App store?

But because Apple, is locked down, they can only make the app store for Android. But to download the Gab app store for Android, you need to install it unofficially the same way you would the gab app?

And you still can't get the Gab app on iOS?

f this. im going home. i’ll fix the god damn login page tomorrow.

omg. pride month is over but i keep seeing rainbows everywhere. when will the gays ever learn.

“people will be nice to you, but they will never have sex with you”

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