Yeah, pardon me, assholes, I didn't spend the last 12 months with my nose up Q's ass like you. I actual want a response, not just trusting your do nothing plans.

Start killing your fucktard leaders. Accelerate. Spill blood. Water that fucking tree.

See you in hell.

Like this ain't gonna work if it's all going to TX and FL. Even Colorado's a little too fuckin' purple right now.

Is Oklahoma like, Texas but with better weed laws? If so I might need to put'm on the list.

This headline is just to good..

REVEALED: 'Defund the police' advocate AOC spent THOUSANDS on private security

It's been revealed that "defund the police" advocate Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez paid thousands to a former Blackwater contractor for personal security

The money Tullis received was just a small piece of the more than $34,000 Ocasio-Cortez spent on private security and consultants in the first half of 2021, records showed. $28,498 was spent locally (...)

The answer is NO.
NO I wont take the vaccine.
NO I will not comply with petty tyrants
NO I don't believe in your 'science'
NO I will not be vaccinating or masking my kids
NO we will not work for an employer who mandates it.
NO we will not stay 6ft apart
NO we will not stop gathering with family, friends or our church.
NO we will not bow down to a one world government.
NO I will not spend my hard earned money with leftist corporations who hate me.

No is a complete sentence. NO.

"Netflix killed He-Man"

Bruh you are talking about literal pedophiles

"Feh, I lived through all that, for this?" - Jackie Mason, today probably

This is what I am talking about :)
We need to put the fear of Jesus back into these arseholes!!

There should literally be daily insurrection.

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