Why do the cool states like Texas and Florida have to be so damn hot? Can we not get some liberty in ag zone 7 here or what

Dan Andrews looks like this whole covid response is revenge for a lifetime of people stuffing him in lockers.

NA Jingle idea:


to the tune of the start of the The-Simp-Sons.

Supply chain probs will be around a while.

Whoever is giving 45 Savage his advice lately needs to be fired. A BIT LATE FOR THE SOCIAL MEDIA GAMBIT.

Starting a new payment processor would've been a better, smarter, more long lasting play. But ok, burn your money, Trump.

Went on the facebag for the first time in a few months. Wtf is this? Clicked on the button I thought was share pictures and this opened up 😂


bible quote
q stuff
bitcoin zealotry
hardcore porn
random bot
q stuff
bitcoin zealotry
16 news bots all posting 10 articles at once
bible quote WITH bitcoin zealotry
Hourly Fox.

fucking Jerry Nadler waddling around in the corner like a fat manager

Have we really reached a point where we can decide the Presidency in a fuckin' Hell in a Cell match?

Kane (L) vs the Rock (D)?


"That's nice Ye, Birthday Party, that's great. You do that."

Or you can make a lot of money continuing to sell shoes and bang models and make your beats, and maybe we won't find you with 2 to the head

They killed Nipsey Hussle for less.

They walked Kanye to the door.

there was a hard split after the whole tupac/biggie bullshit.

one side was 'consious rap, stop the violence, educate yourself' which eventually became its own indoctrination over time (example: Common, Talib Kweli)

and the other side was 'Money Cash Hoes slingin shootin sippin' and gang bullshit which has evolved into youtube's trends page

tbh i thought suge knight was still getting a piece.

now that i think about it, who owns the rights to tupac's catalog?

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