Robert W Malone, MD Tweeted
"Taiwan death from COVID-19 vaccination exceeds death from COVID-19"
Vac deaths in Taiwan: 852
Deaths with COVID-19: 844
Prediction: Vaccinating low death rate countries (such as much of Africa) will elicit more deaths from the jab than from disease

[RT @PeterSweden7]
So Denmark removes all restrictions and covid infections fall 50% in ten days.

Everything is open. No one is wearing masks. People go to restaurants and events.

Danes are now living life like normal.

President Biden’s chief medical adviser Dr. Fauci says on CBS News’ Face the Nation that it’s ‘too soon to tell’ whether they would advise people in America to gather for Christmas or not

Alabama, Penn State, and LSU all had 100,000 fans packed into their stadium yesterday...

Yet Dr. Fauci still says it's "too soon to tell" if we can gather for Christmas this year.

We are living in two different realities right now.

The Real Tony Fauci

For more background on Fauci, be sure to read Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book “The Real Tony Fauci,” which details how Fauci’s promotion of AZT during the 1980s ended up killing hundreds of thousands of people. And the pattern we’re seeing with coronavirus is basically a repeat of previous behavior.

Spoiler alert – it’s a total of eight out of 73 million children. COVID is about control, not care.

What the Democrats have done to our children, our freedom our nation is a war crime. What’s next? Camps?

The climate change scam by the U.N. to get countries to give the U.N. trillions of dollars and control over the world to solve this world problem. Pope Francis and other globalists have been pushing global warming and climate change as a world problem for 50 years to give the U.N. more money and power. Globalists are moving the world toward the seven-year tribulation. The earth will be a slave to a global religion, global currency and a global dictator.

What was the search engine Adam talked about a month or so ago that you have to pay $5/mo or something but is on point? @adam

can you buy ivermectin online? anyone know of a legit website?

i know a 24 year kid that was just diagnosed with hoskins lymphoma, I had ask if he was vaxxed or not. He got the J&J shot when it first came out so what was that march of this year? Has anyone heard about other cases of hoskins lymphoma and the jab?

Working with his long-term partner, Bill Gates, to corral Americans toward a vaccine solution to COVID, Fauci committed zero dollars to studying or promoting early treatment with various drug combinations that could dramatically reduce deaths & hospitalizations. Fauci’s Silicon Valley & media allies censored criticism of his policies on mainstream social media and collaborated to muzzle any medical information about therapies and treatments that might end the pandemic and compete with vaccines.

this is what students at the University of Arkansas see when they log into their account...

I live in Europe , for all the people that are European or of other countries here, I was able to bought it on , happy to have done it ! Take care !!!

Everyone that got the jab that's just now finding out it wasn't FDA approved, they will need boosters every few months and gave the vaccine to everyone in the placebo group. There's literally no control group!

On Tucker Carlson show, discussion of Ilhan Omar committing immigration fraud by marrying her brother (who's now in the U.K.). The person who got DNA proof was told by the FBI that the statue of limitations for marriage fraud has been exceeded (not the case for immigration fraud), and then the FBI arrested the man who uncovered the DNA proof.

Tucker speculates that Omar's fans will be more shocked to learn that she smokes than the fact that she married her brother.

The only place Biden can draw a crowd like this is the airport in Kabul.

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