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Chapters for Moe Facts Episode 73 have been published. Check out the changing images as you listen in your favorite Podcasting 2.0 app (Available at Don't forget to Booooost!!! @adam @MoeFactz

Chapters for Episode 1413 of No Agenda have been published. Enjoy chapters and images in a modern Podcasting app available at @adam @Johncdvorak

Did you know that most podcasting 2.0 apps have an import feature? Start off the year by migrating podcasts from your legacy app into a modern one available at One of the many apps you might consider is Fountain. Attached is an animation of their import feature.

Cloud Chapters for No Agenda Episode 1412 have been published. Enjoy the chapters and images in a modern 2.0 app available at @adam @Johncdvorak

i wear glasses for reading on the computer and have done so for about 10 years. My prescription hasn't really changed much over that time.
I had a new exam at Costco almost 2 weeks ago. The optometrist said it was still pretty close, just needed a little adjustment. Today, I
picked up my glasses and they don't seem to be right. 😞 I see better with my old glasses. I've never had this happen before. (Ain't nobody got time for this)

What is your favorite Podcasting 2.0 app, and why?

Cloud Chapters for No Agenda Episode 1411 have been published. Enjoy your chapters using a modern Podcasting 2.0 App from @adam

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Podcasting 2.0 for Episode 67: Satoshi Stocking Stuffer -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on with a review of the year in Podcasting 2.0 and special guest James Cridland

Check out the latest Cloud Chapter Images for NA 1410. Use your favorite Podcasting 2.0 App from @adam

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Cloud Chapters for Episode 1409 of No Agenda have been published. You can enjoy cloud chapters, along with unmatched media deconstruction by @adam and @Johncdvorak, using a modern podcasting 2.0 app available at

I don't always create my own custom chapter art, but when I do, it's not very good and might look something like this. lol @adam

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Moe Factz 71 - "Seven Shots" -- Adam and Moe deconstruct the operation being played out before our very eyes

Episode 1400 chapter art has been published. I tried something a little different. I created an animated GIF for all the 1400 specific artwork and used that Gif as the image for the Exec/assoc exec, second donation segment, and the end of show song.

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