@stevewebb the only thing different is using the super secret beta version of HyperCatcher Studio 2.x. I’ve used it to publish the last 2 episodes of Podcasting 2.0, but this is the first time I’ve used it for the big show. Helping the developer by finding and reporting bugs so he can polish it up for production release.

Chapters for Episode 1452 have been published.
I'm using a newer method to create the chapters.
Please let me know right away if you notice anyone that seems a bit wonky. @adam

Saw this at the Costco the other day. Something about this seems very wrong.

Chapters for episode 1450 have been published. Enjoy! @adam

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I might have to make @Johncdvorak saying“I love you,baby”from @surrealestate’s note to me, on yesterday’s No Agenda,my new ringtone. 😂 Thanks for the perfect Mother’s Day gift,Chris! 🥰 Special thanks to @adam for making John do a couple of takes!
I couldn’t help but notice that the title of the show came from Chris’s note too! Every time he writes a note they either use it for the opening or the artwork and now the title!Below is the art he inspired with his note about his millennial coworkers!😂

Chapters for Episode 1449 have been published. Enjoy! @adam

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Chapters for Episode 1448 have been published. Enjoy with your favorite modern Podcasting 2.0 app available at newpodcastapps.com/

Chapters have been published for Episode 11 of Curry & the Keeper. Enjoy! @adam

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Chapters for episode 1447 have been published. Enjoy!!! @adam

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@drebscott @adam

Recently switched to Podverse specifically because I wanted to see all the art from all the talented producers!

chapter art posted for Episode 1446. Enjoy in your favorite modern app. @adam

@Tigertyke @mh I usually get chapters posted same day episode is released, but sometimes, life happens and I don’t get it done for a day or two. This past week we had a stomach bug go through the house and I was late on Thursdays chapters.

Chapters for episode 1445 have been published. Enjoy!

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Finally got chapters posted for Episode 1444. (Our family puke fest is finally over).
I don't always create my own images for chapter art, but when I do, it's something like this. lol! @Johncdvorak @adam

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