¡Free Sats! Have you been hesitating on using a modern Podcasting 2.0 app? I’d like to help you get going with streaming satoshis back to NA. I will send 20,000 Satoshis to the first 10 No Agenda listeners that send me a **direct message** here on NA Social. You’ll need to download an app like Castamatic, Fountain, etc
*Caveat: I’d like this to please only be for people that don’t current have any Sats and have never live streamed/boosted Sats back to the show.
My DMs are open. 🤣

Disclaimer: this is not a promotion from the show. Just me giving some value back to the “community”.
Check for possible apps to use.

Also, if I don’t get any messages or don’t hit 10, I’ll open it up to all NA listeners.

Hello all. I will dig into all the DMs after we put our 3 littles to bed tonight. Sorry I couldn’t respond back right away. Life has a way of taking you by the reigns when you have 3 kids 5 and under.

Only 6 people messaged me. 4 spots still open. Hit me up for some free Sats. Direct message please.

@drebscott which is your fav app? so far i just listed to NA and dl each file (yeah i'm old school) but these apps are the better approach?

@greyknight33 personally, I like Fountain & Castamatic on the app side. On the web only side, Podfriend, Curiocaster

@drebscott TYFYC! just hit Podfriend and works pretty decent. is it possible to dl the files to in case i need a local copy on the phone? this web app works perfect, just have to adjust to not saving the files. its like JCD's hoarding is rubbing off on me lol

@drebscott -- In other words, you have an interesting life.

@drebscott i would but fountain app was shit. sticking with playapod until theres a decent ios 2.0 app

@drebscott @thisisthebreath Have you tried Castamatic? It’s solid!! It replaced overcast for me

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