Chapter images for Episode 4 of Curry & the Keeper are now live. Enjoy this great conversation using a modern podcasting app and you will see chapter images that change throughout the show. Visit for details. Don't forget to BOOST. :) @adam

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@drebscott @adam Up next for Curry & The Keeper, “I Like Your Hair” 😉

@drebscott @adam When was this podcast added to the open database?

I was looking for the show a week ago but couldn't find it via Castamatic, which is one of those modern apps.
At some point I was able to find the podcast but there was nothing to play in the feed. Which felt kinda weird.

@quirky @adam it looks like Castamatic has issues with the ampersand in the title. Try removing the & and making sure you have Podcast Index selected.

@drebscott @adam Thanks for the tip. I did have Podcast Index selected, that was the first thing I checked, but good to know about the ampersand. I'll try again.

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