Chapters for Episode 1413 of No Agenda have been published. Enjoy chapters and images in a modern Podcasting app available at @adam @Johncdvorak

How do the chapters work, if I downloaded the episode immediately would I get the chapters if they were published later or do they come down at the same time as the ep itself? Maybe it's a client thing?

Thanks for all your work.

@butterdog chapters are published by me some number of hours after the episodes drop. I have to listen all the way through, marking chapters, then, sit at my computer and add images and publish. If you figure 3hr+ episode listen + linking images + 3 kids 5 and under = maybe 9-11pm PST publish time.
Make sure you have the latest version of your app. Once I hit publish, you may need to close/open app, might have to re-download if it doesn’t work. Every app is a little different.

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