RTMP Stream relay service. If you need one, I've found this one and like it. support has been super helpful. Thought I'd share. stream2meeting.com/

Chapters for episode 1462 have been published. enjoy! @adam 🙌

chapters for episode 1460 have been published. if you don't see the chapters in your app, you may need to re-download the episode. Thanks for your patience. @adam

Chapters for latest episode didn’t get published last night. Hope to finish them some time before noon Pacific time. We’ve got a sick little one that needed my help last night. She seems to have settled in now. Hoping to get some sleep so I can function today. My apologies for the delay. @adam

I just got a call from the DelYaks guy asking if he could do a substitution as they are running low on inventory for some items due to all the orders they are getting from NA listeners. totally fine with that. he said it's a good problem to have and that they are working on replenishing inventory. @Johncdvorak

Looking for a non-Apple recommendation for wireless ear buds for use with my iPhone. I’ve been using Samsung Galaxy Buds+, but I need something newer now. Buds Pro aren’t fully supported on iOS. Anyone have a recommendation in the $100-200ish range? I need it to have a decent quality mic too for calls. Thanks for considering.

chapters for episode 1459 have been published. Enjoy in your favorite podcasting 2.0 apps. @adam

Chapters for Episode 1458 have been published. Enjoy in your favorite Podcasting 2.0 app. @adam

Chapters have been published for Moe Factz with Adam Curry Episode 82. Enjoy in your favorite Podcasting 2.0 app! @adam @MoeFactz

Chapters for episode 1457 have been published. Enjoy!
If you haven't switched to a Podcasting 2.0 app yet, you are pod-listening wrong. Give it a shot. @adam @Johncdvorak

Anyone have the link for the Yak vendor that @Johncdvorak mentioned a few episodes ago?

Chapters have been posted for episode 1456. Enjoy! @adam

I learned a new word tonight: winsome. heard it in this rendition of Someone to Watch Over Me. youtube.com/watch?v=e2APPZtypA

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Gotta love California. This was at a gas station right next to a freeway off ramp.

Chapters for episode 1455 have finally been published. Thanks for your patience. @adam

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