Umbrel question. I have the 8gb RPi and a 128gb sd card. What apps should I install (besides helipad of course)?


@Medus Could be capacity overkill - I don't go above 15 gigs on mine. But I don't know how Umbrel does things.

Ride The Lightning and Thunderhub are the two big ones for me. Also make sure it's automatically backing up your channel states to USB (not the boot SD)

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@dowodenum Yeah, but that's the SD card that came with the kit and I didn't have anything smaller around the house. RTL & TH got it. And thnx for the backing up tip. Should I do that to the drive with the blockchain, or a separate USB stick?

Separate is best in case either dies. You can set rsync cron jobs to back up to another machine too.

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