@dowodenum this is inaccurate in so many ways. no idea what you're talking about for #1. of course the disease can spread in walmarts, but getting food is necessary while going to church is not. the government is essential - dealing with situations like this is one of its main purposes. businesses are less valuable than human lives. going to parks can be dangerous and isn't necessary, when spreading disease is an issue. and politicians can't go wherever they want, I haven't seen people claim otherwise.

@mewmew Corona Derangement Syndrome sufferer spotted

@dowodenum lol what

you can't just put "Derangement Syndrome" after something you like to get rid of any criticism of your arguments
@mewmew @dowodenum Sounds like you have a case of Bad Argument Deragement Syndrome LOL
@mewmew @dowodenum

> but getting food is necessary while going to church is not.

Only if you believe that what happens during life is more important than what happens after. Which I do believe. But my point is that if you're going to allow adults to practice religion then you're going to have to acommodate religious practices.

Just make churches work like supermarkets. X people in the same building at once. and maybe spray everything with disinfectant after each mass. Probably easier to do in a church than in a Walmart.

> businesses are less valuable than human lives

Marginally. You can live without business only in the most primitive societies. Once you're at the point where you don't grow your own food you have to start bartering. Example: how did people get their Trump bucks? Banks? Are these businesses? You get my feel. We have to have balance, and the best balance is usually not the one imposed from the top to the bottom.
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