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Horsewater, another name for hard-to-swallow pills. Adjacent to bullshit, but more nourishing.

Is there a word for combined astroturf and brainwashed shills?

"It is important that even if staff are immune, they continue to use masks as others passive followers may follow the leader. This is also critical for patient’s as it is known the four key elements to a good patient-doctor relationship are trust, knowledge, loyalty, and regard. If patients observe a doctor without a mask, they may lose trust, assume that the doctor has dismissed the risk, and not wear a mask themselves despite being highly infectious."

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Nick the Rat - 248 - Septemberween


A paranoid cartoon rat plays music and discusses conspiracies. Also takes calls : 1-917-719-5923 All content is Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) and all ...

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