Welp looks like my Governor Cuomo is gonna free us on Wednesday. That sure changes my tone.

I'm glad my daughter's school district is going back full time in-person classes. Too bad the school year will be over in one month. At least its something!

Well now everyone here in New York is arguing about the Mask policy. This summer is sure gonna be fun.

I don't know why Cuomo doesn't just follow the guidelines from the CDC. It would make the rules less confusing.

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ITM NA Tribe. As promised...The GIVEAWAY

Who wants to leave all that Google or "Spy phone" behind?

We are giving away One Degoogled Moto G7 Play this Sunday @ 11:45 EDT.


Drawing will be done via randomizer and the winner will be posted here just before the second Thursday show this week (5/16/21). Sunday @ 11:45 EDT.

To Enter: Simply boost and favourite this toot.

*Winner will be contacted via DM to claim your prize*

Take your Privacy Back!


Glad I left my County job dealing with the dead in New York. Working in an office handling Payroll for schools is much better for the Mental Health.

Who knew the Senate would find Trump Not Guilty!? What a waste of our tax dollars.

Howdy everyone! Can't wait to listen to the new episode when I go to work tomorrow. Does anyone know what app Adam was talking about for the iPhone for no tracking? I just got my old iPhone 5 working and I was interested!

Oh wow I finally decided to become social with the BEST PODCAST IN THE UNIVERSE AS STATED IN THE MULLER REPORT!!

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