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Serious question for NoAgenda "folks"....
How many here have actually read the following (completely)
- Declaration of Independence
- US Constitution
- Bill of Rights
(Bonus if you've read the Federalist Papers)

At what point do we just start calling them the damaged left???

For a good time, tune in tomorrow night at 11pm est www.nicktherat.com/radio.html

My internal mp3 player in my head decided to play the tune of the Rockford Files...

I'm still not clear on the whole Mastodon thing. I'd like to see some more news and big world content. Am I missing something?

on today's no agenda show they were talking about flirting being gone in the workplace. I think that flirting has fallen to the wayside.

as a 28 year old white male I tend to skirt away from flirting for fear of someone blaming me for being racist or chauvinistic.

I've stopped opening doors for people because I'm showing off my privelege.

I feel like Alex Jones is suddenly more relatable (language warning) youtu.be/rnjHdgfWIsc

fi.co Greenville Spring Event kicks off on May 22nd. I've been accepted.

“Once formed,” the researchers observed dryly, “impressions are remarkably perseverant.”

What CNN puts in a headline and what the full quote is:

"It doesn't concern me. What is science? Science is an educated guess," Dotson says defiantly. "What if they guess wrong? There's just as much chance as them to be wrong as there is for them to be right."

can track me from every angle but still doesn't realise it shouldn't start updating while I'm in the middle of a working day...

Hope no one is flying into/out of JFK tomorrow...
FROM: Notify NYC

Full-Scale Exercise 4/22: JFK Airport 10:30AM-1:30PM. Flights not impacted expect emergency personnel in the area.

It used to be that I would never buy warranties because people made solid things. Now I have to weigh the gamble with TV, dishwasher, etc.

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