These People Are Nuts: Broward County Officials Now Require Citizens Wear Masks WITHIN THEIR OWN HOMES

It must be a gloablist NWO test to see how far they can push the slaves.

Broward County reminds me of a deadly schoolshooting police/ sheriff stand down and a corrupt Sheriff Scott Israel, big friends with Hillary Clinton. Also where that creepy anti gun kid David Hogg came from on his bike.

But maybe I'm just overthinking all this too much... 🤔

As the muzzle mandates proliferate around me, I'm putting this where I can find it if needed.

Yes, YouTube, take this down immediately. It is off message.

So. Fucking. ANGRY!! But not surprised. Walmart and Sam's Club have drunk the Koolaid and have issued mask mandates for everyone in their stores, not just employees. I'm proud of my daughter; she stands with me on this issue, and has vowed not to shop there until this shit is over. I'll have to transfer my rx, not sure where yet. Walmart offers mail rx, but it's the principle of the thing, y'know?

Yesterday reports of Kanye polling at 2%. Today he’s being REPORTED as dropping out

People that wear their masks in their cars are within 6' of themselves, and other important revelations with JP. HORRIBLE! Democrats ATTACK America On 4th Of July! Trump Was Right About The LEFT!

ITM y'all! Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans. Hope this isn't our last! What nutty times in which we find ourselves, eh?

Show day tomorrow! I definitely need my twice-weekly doses of sanity.

TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

I don't watch a lot of YouTube but I have to say, yet again, how good Animated No Agenda is. @jennifer does such a good job of throwing additional info in and the imagined gesturing is great. Thanks for doing this!

@jennifer, I LOVE the extra info you add and often pause the video to see everything! Sometimes though your interesting stuff is there so briefly that it’s challenging to even pause on it. Anyhoo, FWIW, this fan would love your visual info to get more on-screen time so I can better appreciate and absorb it! 🤩


Hello Everyone - finally made it here. I am a transplant from the JRE show (which I don't listen to anymore). We can discuss later why. Anyway, happy be be here.🤩

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