Randumb Thoughts #120 - Inauguration Day

I am sure it will be an unpopular concept, but I've hit the reset button on Joe Biden. I've chosen to judge him on what he does going forward rather than what he's done in the past.

I guess I'm just an optimist in believing the legacy of being the President may actually have him working for the unity of the country. If not, I'll be back to blasting him.


Before you build back better for someone else, start with yourself. Given the weight I’ve lost and the health conditions I’ve reversed—and despite the pandemic—I’ve done a pretty good job on that front. Today, I set a personal best in terms of pace. And I do it in sandals. 😬

Never pin your hopes on politicians. Their careers are built on a foundation of lies and power games.

So what happened? Where were the arrests and Trump's continuation. Well according to the fringe, it all happened. You just did not get to see it. Who was arrested? Uh...dunno. But here's the latest drivel.

Look at Joe’s eyes. He knows he’s in over his head.

What is the need/purpose? of having them Hollywood stars singing at the presidential inauguration. (Sheepaple control?) To me, it would say much more if they were to bring new/rising talent from schools/universities/conservatories. They would much more apprentice the opportunity.

Is anyone fact checking Biden in real time like they do Trump? How is Kamala the FIRST African American elected to National office? She was already a Senator! LIES!!!

I like the pastors and ministers that don't need a script for their prayer.

I recall Rick Warren's prayer at Obama's inauguration. No script/reading.

Baby crying right before Biden's oath is epic.

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