Funny, but not quite accurate. I’ve seen my kids zoom calls and most of the kids don’t have their video on. I felt bad for the teacher today because no one was responding to her at all. The kids are also starting to be told that they will get a phone call home if they aren’t “doing the work” because the teachers can check on their documents at any time. Ugh, it’s REALLY messed up! ☹️

@DameAshley I could *barely* pay attention to in-person lectures, I would be 100% checked out of a zoom call classroom if I were a student.

I feel terrible for kids who are having to endure this right now.

I'm fortunate my kids are old enough (16, 20) that I'm not too worried about it. My daughter seems to prefer it because it means she's not dealing with all the social bullcrap of being at school.

@SirSpencer @DameAshley

@PhoneBoy @SirSpencer I can see that side of it too. I think that’s why my 16 year old isn’t too upset about not having to go to school. He is just worried that he’s not going to have a basketball season. 😕

@DameAshley @SirSpencer they pushed sports back here to January. That assumes they don’t push them back further. 😬

@progo @PhoneBoy @SirSpencer Lol, yeah, it’s definitely like that. Darth Vader is all over this Covid crap!


@DameAshley @progo @PhoneBoy @SirSpencer So what would DeWine's sith name be? He's old enough to look a little like he's been corrupted by the dark side heh

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