This is easy!

One group is "proud infidels".
The other is not.

Whose going to win?

Boost this after you vote so more people see it!

This happens from time to time, but here's a place where No Agenda and research my beautiful bride does as a full time mother cross.

The movie discussed in the blog post is 1986: The Act and appears to be about the vaccine injury fund that comes up on No Agenda every so often. I've not watched it yet myself so YMMV.

key points: "where there’s risk there should be choice"

“The most important thing of all is the extraordinary power of maternal intuition."

From Joe Rogan Experience 1554 Kanye West:
1:19:45 "You remove the fear of God, you create the possibility of fear of EVERYTHING else"

"If you instill the fear of God you eliminate the fear of ANYTHING else"

Some college students have a sense of humor.
Only the ROTC kids can stay on campus and these are their Halloween decorations.

In social studies class today my son got to take the presidential quiz at and these were his results. I’m sure his teacher wasn’t thrilled with them. Lol. Also today they learned that the electoral college is no good and we should get rid of it. 🙄I’m really glad I’m sitting with my kids as they are working in these zoom calls so I can correct all the nonsense they are being told.

well... I finally did it, I deactivated my twitter account. Between their actions around the NY post article and the reception I got from family when I retweeted an Animated No Agenda instead of just lurking (sorry @adam) I'm just done. I think I'll stick to this corner of the fediverse where discourse can happen without offense.

A thank you to the No Agenda community for being awesome people that don't have to agree to have a pleasant conversation.

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