A-A-Ron fucked up and allowed them to make the golden calf when his brother was convening with God Almighty. Somehow, he was still able to be High Priest.

The Mozilla project has finally lost their minds.

Maybe I've been willfully ignorant of how politically active they've become, but this is just too much for me. Their official email channel is no place for this crap.

Very few predicted that Donald Trump would be the most conservative President in modern history of course — and even fewer predicted that Trump would topple Roe v Wade. In fact, there’s only one person who predicted that Donald Trump would lead America back to God and he did so in the 1980s — and that man was Tom Zimmer, known as the Hermit of Loreto.

The Lord does work in mysterious ways.


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As a follow on, my youngest daughter is 12. We adopted her at birth. Her mother considered an abortion but literally said: "God spoke to me and told me to find the right adoption agency and he would handle the rest". She didn't even pick us she just told the agency what she wanted for her child, they picked us. Her entire family pressured her for months to get an abortion.

My child was a gift from God. He has his hands in this too.

This is the happiest I've been to post something in a long, long time. For my entire life, I've been praying for and working towards this day.

With no further ado - "Two Ways to Cross a Stream"



If the deep state was in full control, Roe V Wade would have never fallen.
Moloch needs the spiritual power. It would never have been allowed to happen.
This tells you everything you need to know about where we are.
God. Is. Winning.


Good list though I won't be avoiding church functions. If those that would cause trouble want to show up to one, I'd be happy for them because they really need to hear the gospel. If they still insist on causing trouble, well sucks to be them :)

I could watch this movie all over again and I really don't do that.

Good Day, Much Love and God Bless One and All!

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