Anyone happen to have a link to download / watch the full Trump CPAC speech? I couldn't stream it but I still want to hear what the man says and I've got a few hours worth of datacenter maintenance at work that will require noise canceling headphones to survive tomorrow :)

1/ From a Gab post showing a graphic below.
I answered: It is called "demoralization", and even in 1984 (the year, not the novel) Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB agent, thought that it had already been accomplished.
In 35 years the subversion operation, to remove the Constitution of the US, which guarantees the protection of our God given rights, has been transferred from the Soviet Union to the CCP...

2/ They believe that all is ready for the closing of the trap.
But they didn't count on the fact that we are NOT just lumps of flesh and bones. They didn't count of the fact that our Spirit could be roused and rebel against their long laid snares. They didn't believe that could come to see through their intricately woven tapestry of lies.
We are coming to appreciate the value of our history and foundation.
And we are not about to bend the knee to any alien philosophy of enslavement.

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I really hope this isn't true. But I have a bad feeling it is. 😓

Marjorie Greene’s response to her colleague hanging a transgender flag outside her office.

This morning's fortune made me laugh:

No pig should go sky diving during monsoon,
It's risky enough when the weather is fine.
But to have a pig soar when the monsoon doth roar
Cast even more perils before swine.

All things P[L]ANDEMIC! the following links has stuff that y'all can download and share as much as possible. This stuff needs to be shared with the whole world as fast as possible.

ITM y'all! Here's the latest ANA - hang in there. . .it's our longest one yet!

I had a personal motive to do this one for my Momma who is in SA TX and is blaming all politicians with Rs by their name for the week's failures.

Probably won't convince her, but definitely the best break-down I've heard of the issues (as is true for -everything- on No Agenda!).

TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

The DEMS and RINOS say,

"You don't need 30 rounds to hunt with."
True, but the Founding Fathers
didn't write the
Second Amendment because

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