Watched a Law&Order rerun from 2003. Someone was carrying the Corona Virus in their SUV. They said then it came from China. I think Dick Wolf has been read-in to the playbook for a long time now.

I've decided they need to replace the Aunt Jemima brand with Aunt IFA with an image of a rioting LARPer.

NoodleGun just got aimed at Joe Rogan for comments about masks, the liberal media and Biden.

@darrenoneill Listened to some Randumb Thoughts at .5x speed just for fun. First I thought Harry Caray. Then I thought Bill Cosby.

@darrenoneill wonder if @adam knows Johnny B. He's trying to figure out how to monitize. Needs a lesson in value for value.

Watching local OTA television, the virus has been a boon to local advertising. All the new ads and vertue signaling by businesses.

Hard to find your spots... they aren't always at the same time. I'll find one tomorrow. Yohhhhhhhh!

@CSB Found a random episode of DSC where you laid into Jason Calacanis. Not the best example, but your voice none the less.

Social Distancing and Self-Isolating is the latest Ice Bucket Challenge. It's Moral Self-Licensing.

@CSB I miss you in the troll room. You *are* the OG NA troll.

@adam just dawned on me... this coronavirus testing is just a back door to get everyone's DNA. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

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Palindrome alert! A week from this Sunday is the only true palindrome this year 02022020. And it works which ever side of the pond you're on.

Christian school in Kentucky accused of expelling a freshman student after seeing an image of her celebrating her 15th birthday with a rainbow cake and multi-colored sweater.

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