Glenn Greenwald is the last of a dying breed - the investigative journalist.

The work he did here is amazing, but it pales in comparison to the story he's talking about - the Hunter Biden laptop story. All of these people that lied to bury it, because they didn't like Trump.

The irony is that the people who told these lies no doubt thought they were saving America, when in fact they were doing more to destroy it than just about anyone else in recent history.


Intense Cat Fight in progress and it could get bloody
maybe even Boobs will be on display.

Wow: Shanghai’s backlog of ships is quite literally off the chart, even compared to the disturbances last year.

US and global supply chains are about to go from “severely strained” to “completely broken.”

Need it? Buy it now. And buckle up…

"Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken about "a slippage in our democracies" and the rise of authoritarian leaders, in relation to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. This, without a single hint of irony."

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Russell Brand is my own, personal, Jesus, someone who understands, someone who cares.

_So This Is What They’ve Been Hiding_

"Claims that Ukraine has biological weapons labs have been labelled as conspiracy theory."

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