This weekend while listening to NA with the kids (who love the jingles and show open) they asked what a douche was. Being an open and honest parent I told them and my 5-year-old son spit his drink out all over my car and busted out laughing. My daughter seemed horrified.

Why is AC/JCD saying they are running out of de-douches? Did they get sued is it a marketing ploy? Does anyone know?

Does anyone have the quiz or questions to join NA social? I'm curious and never had to take it.

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Got home from my daughters volleyball practice and eight neighbors were outside waiting for the space station fly over. I went over to say hello and they were all talking about how they’ve all had heart issues since taking a booster shot. Ages ranged from late 30s to 65+. So glad they didn’t ask me my status or thoughts, otherwise I would’ve been stuck outside all night.

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Here's my first attempt at art using photoshop for the first time. So be mean or kind, I don't give a damn. Don't know how to upload it, just get an error.

For the Art Generator, what does the "newimagepath field is required" error mean?

Not sure enough lizard king art has been created yet.

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Ok, which one of you is responsible for this…

I see the 333, you rascal.

1484 should've been titled "double whammy for your fanny".

Saw this on a different platform:

"British people gotta watch us laugh at the queen and play football with our hands tonight it’s gotta feel like 1776."

The only Royals I will watch on TV play baseball. It's hard to watch them too.

The worst part about the Queen dying will be having endless US media attention funeral, ceremonies, etc on TV like we should care.

@Johncdvorak do you subscribe to the SF Chronicle? I’d like to read or hear about this story related to “climate change”, but don’t plan on subscribing since I live in KC.

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