Here you go. Here's what "anti-racism" really means.

Schools with no grades, no evaluations, nobody learning anything.

We make everyone equal by bringing DOWN the high achievers, NOT by providing better quality education for the low performers.


Not a bad looking meal. Prime steak cooked in cast iron. I’m single, ladies 😉

My wife & I pulled our two children from Houston ISD and began homeschooling in August. Judging by the wails from some of our friends regarding the distance learning program that was implemented, we made the correct decision.

We chose "The Well-Trained Mind" curriculum (no Latin though; maybe later) and my dear wife has been busting her butt teaching our children while trying to keep up with the demands of her business. She is incredible.

All is well thus far. 2020 has made warriors of us all.

You can’t “fact check” an opinion. Political speech is not factual or non-factual.

Really interested in one of these "dark psychology" books to learn about manipulation techniques. Any you recommend?

Can I propose that we use the phrase "toobin'" to refer to jerking off from now on?

"Where is Bob?"
"Probably at home toobin'."

Unpopular Truths:

1. The future is what you make of it
2. There is, never was, and never will be a guarantee of anything in life
3. The most successful and happy people are those that take whatever comes, good or bad, with equal grace

Long time employees at my workplace are leaving, one after another, beginning this month. Time to bail? Is anyone even hiring right now?

It’s too bad Alex Jones already took the excellent name “info wars” to describe our current debacle.

Masvidal ad for Trump.

Fun fact: my old MMA coach once choked this dude unconscious. 🙂

these posters are apparently showing up all over Orange County

On the plus side, I have been spending time with a neighbor and met her coworker and coworker's partner for brunch this weekend. It almost felt NORMAL.

I'm starting to realize I have to write off most of my friends pre-covid – the people I thought would be there for me are not. Many were tenuous relationships continued out of a sense of obligation to keep old connections alive. Many were shallow "acquaintances."

The plus side is that, with Texas being somewhat open, I can find new friends.

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I've been more isolated than most, I think.

Reached out to a friend here in Austin last week to go hiking on the weekend. He cancelled on me last minute, never rescheduled.

Invited long-time friends to a recurring informal video chat, even re-enabled my Facebook account to do it. Literally one guy showed up. Nobody else even RSVP'd or said they had plans.

I want to count my blessings, but man, it was rough to realize that I really don't have friends anymore. :|

I gave her a bath tonight and she’s a little chilly.

Example of the surprisingly good HEB prepared meals. A little pricy but perfect to keep you eating real food while your life is falling apart.

Pro tip for cats:

When a cat shows you their belly, they're not saying "Please touch my belly!"

They're saying, "I love and trust you."

Your response should be to pet their HEAD and back, not their belly. The belly is just to show you their trust – most cats actually hate it when you touch their belly.

On the plus side, I'm moving to a safer neighborhood farther from downtown in a month. So at the very least, I will not be in this area for much longer.

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