WSJ piece about a new phenomenon: unretirement.

Retired people are coming *out* of retirement because inflation is eroding their savings while their portfolios shrink.

At least the boomers will suffer a bit?

If you want more and more and more, you will never have enough.

My life's goal is to WANT NOTHING.

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Spend below your means, work hard, and invest in your professionals skills and you will never have to worry about money.

If you can pay all your living costs with your income and have something left over every month, I consider that to be a massive success!

If you can then pay off all your debt, then you are really golden.

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Talked to my friend in Austin who is a big tech manager guy. He's built and sold companies. Currently lives in a massive, brand new $900k house in Austin, and earns $400k a year.

He is about 6-7 years older than me, and earns over double my income, but we have about the same net worth.

He spends money on vacations, dinners, cars, and women. I buy books on Kindle and bike to the gym every day.

He is worried about inflation and plotting how to raise his income.

Lifestyle matters.

Twitter engineer responded to Elon about Hunter's laptop, then deleted his account.

I bet it sucks to be woke at Twitter right now.

Wow, I got banned from a forum for using the acronym "SHTF." I was banned and my post deleted for profanity.


Repressive tolerance is foundational to Critical Theory.

The leftist rejoinder to reading words as written and recognizing that vintage 1960's writings seem oddly prescriptive to events today is 'you're reading it wrong.'

If you could move anywhere in Texas where would you go?

Inside Edition: Woman Swiped $4000 Bottle of Cognac From Restaurant: Cops.

I realize now what my problem has been. I had a difficult childhood. As a result I am closed off, not open with my emotions, which means I do not connect with people. Not connecting with people, I feel no love, exchange no love with others.

Yet most of my feelings are pretty negative. A lot of fear, frustration, hopelessness, worry, etc.

And showing negative feelings is heavily punished in our society. I guess I'm supposed to shut up and handle everything on my own, for the next 50 years.

So far my prediction that the 2020s will just be utter chaos is working out. I'm just going to white-knuckle it and hope I come out okay on the other end.

I had to tell my manager I've been in my job for a year. Nobody even noticed I hit one year. I'm supposed to do a performance review, which would come along with a merit review for salary adjustments. I basically had to ask for this though... Not the best sign. Usually if you're a valued contributor, the company is thinking about how to keep you after a year.

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