Austin is a land of contrasts.

At a dozen restaurants near me, none of the customers are wearing masks. Maybe 10% wear won to the table and then take it off.

Gyms are wide open. No masks for a year now. Nobody gives a fuck.

But I still see people driving around.. alone.. inside their car.. wearing a mask.

I was going to go to a work lunch tomorrow, but found out that they're ALL wearing masks the whole time, and putting them back up between bites.

Didn't George R. R. Martin get cancelled? I can't even remember anymore. I just assume everyone has been cancelled at this point unless I see them on TV.

@SirJulian and I so enjoyed hosting our first meetup at The Homestead. We definitely want to make this an annual event! It was great meeting so many amazing people, including Tina, @adam @jennifer @Genen and @SirPatrick ☺️ Next year I hope to see @Johncdvorak there! Here's a clip of Free Local Honey performing one of my favorite songs at the party!

Had a fairly useless conversation with family. The only recommendation is to work harder. I feel no reason to work hard anymore. I'm not respected at work. I don't enjoy my work. I feel no pride or accomplishment in it. I want to leave this city too, and move somewhere smaller, quieter.

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How do you find meaning and connection in life? Where do I start looking? I don't feel anything now.

When everything is insurrection then nothing is insurrection. It's an "insurrection is other people" Sartrean political gambit used to discredit the defiant. I don't even have to read dystopian YA novels anymore! It's a great time to be an 80s OG cyberpunk fan! We're living it, baby!

I haven't seen very many pics from the TX meetup. . .unfortunately I only have a few of mostly me and the bf sent to me from the Duke of the South.

So here's one with that same Duke of the South, me and the Podfather (courtesy of the Keeper); and one of me with the recently knighted bf (ep 1389) - Sir Greg, Knight of the Surprise Headlocks. :)

Great evening with AMAZING hosts and producers. Still recovering from the whirlwind trip.

China is on the brink of an economic collapse. If it happens, could we actually see Xi removed?

After deliberation and going back and forth, I've decided to leave my "Covid skeptic" posts on my personal site.

I believe that we must show dissent. I'm not a vaccine skeptic, and I actually did take a Covid vaccine. But what the media says are lies, plain and simple. Lies constructed to control. I will not be controlled. I will speak the truth.

If I get cancelled, or cannot find a job, so be it. At least I will go out with my dignity. Speaking the truth should never be punishable!

Propaganda Vs. Democracy

What they want you to live vs. what you actually like….

Fauci and Dave Chapelle: The Closer - for comparison.

I discovered No Agenda sometime around June or July 2020. I shudder to think what my life would be like if I had never found it! Thank you to the entire community!


NEW - State Department of Transportation maintenance crew left some parting words before Washington

I have bought two hats in the last month. I bought one last year. This represents a 300% increase in the number of hats owned by me within an 18 month period.

Am I entering a hat phase?

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