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"About 18 percent of all employed blacks work in government, compared to 13 percent for the rest of the population, according to 2014 Labor Department annual averages" .... so how can racism be systemic...
if more black folks work inside the system than the rest of the population?

@adam - Rereading my humidifier's owners manual... "VIRUSES do NOT remain AIRBORNE if the HUMIDITY IS GREATER THAN 55%." So I did a bit of research as to why/how...

New guidelines coming out of the University of Virgina for preventing and treating COVID19. Including details to this "cocktail" we keep hearing about.


Wierd, that no one has died from vaping recently.

Pacific Northwest friends, I'm touring Puget Sound for a long MLK weekend in January. Partly for job interviews, partly because I've never been on a vacation. Any recommendations, tour, guides, or lunch mates? Looking through millennial tourist websites and Reddit is becoming exhausting.

Reaching out to Sir Jon(h)athan of the Double-Bladed Paddle as a fellow Maplewood, Missourian.

I am a high school teacher in a well performing, liberal public school. Today in our faculty meeting, we had 45 minutes of meditation and learning to check our white privilege.


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"We have kids graduating college, universities, with a worthless piece of paper that does nothing. You've learned nothing, and they're minimum $50,000 in debt. Minimum. And you can't get out of it, which is kinda the definition of slavery." — @adam 1055

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