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DC, MD and VA Meetup!

Location: Cafe Pizzaiolo
*Shirlington Location*

2800 S Randolph St
Arlington, VA 22206

Date: March 3rd, 12-3pm

upstairs bar

brunch menu available and happy hour starts at 11am $4.50 craft beer draft, house wine, rail drinks.

@chris @Johnny_of_the_swamp

Gunman opens fire inside Dutch tram

One person is feared to have died and several injured after a man opened fire in a tram in Utrecht.

Goodbye broken 1980s plastic medicine cabinet.

Hello custom cabinets (in progress).

"instead of carrying hot sauce in his purse Trump will carry reparations in his purse and will 2020" - DC bartender.


Reddit bans r/watchpeopledie in the wake of the New Zealand mosque massacres — The subreddit violated site policy on ‘glorifying violence’

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