DC Area No Agenda peeps, Meetup this Sunday.

(and if you are a resident of VA there will be someone on site to register you to vote or help you update your info!)



What music comes out of your neighborhood? What music is being (over) played non-stop on the radio where you are?

Share with the group!

DC's own Go Go Music:


It's still way too fucking early to be talking about the next presidential election. Wait till 2020 actually starts. That will still give you over six months till the first party convention. Please stop.

Oh Hillary, don't you know there are other elections before 2020? I guess her and AOC went to the same school.....

(From her WaPo opinion piece)

Me: Oh lord,. Hilary wrote a piece for the Washington Post about Mueller.

My Mom: yeah, and where is that going to get her?

The Washington Post: Hillary Clinton: Mueller documented a serious crime against America. Here’s how we must respond.

Hillary Clinton: Mueller documented a serious crime against America. Here’s how we must respond.

I haven't been on a proper tour of Arlington National Cemetery in awhile. Damn tourists got fatter.

Today's DC adventure, the hunt for Grace Hopper's grave!

My mother, a lifelong waitress, experienced her first paper straw today. Her reaction: What is this shit!?

A guy just got in my face and said "all Caucasian babies should be killed". As I refused to cross the street away from him, and despite my mother pulling me away I got in his face and said "Fuck. You."

Sorry, I'm not afraid of rambling crazy black homeless racist men. 🤷‍♀️

I heard @adam talking about all the pot festivals that happen on 4/20. I thought they were dumb at first too, I mean Biz Markie headlined the one in DC and you couldn't even buy or use pot at the event. But now I realize the benefit of these things is that they start to normalize the culture which some hope will contribute towards legalization.

Normalization.....and Wall Street.


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