Oh yeah, my mother is here telling me how to live my life.
I love the holidays!!!!

One of the major problems in Florida's recount, both Republicans and Democrats agree, was the election administration led by the supervisor of elections in Broward County, Brenda Snipes.

There are lots of weird things about today's presidential turkey pardon — including that it can be traced directly back to the Iran-Contra scandal 🦃

Ivanka Trump, daughter and adviser of the president, reportedly sent hundreds of emails to government officials through a personal email account last year.

The War on 5G Part 2 (property value edition):

At hearings before the DC City Council...a parade of witnesses warned of health dangers and complained about antennas and power boxes marring neighborhoods like Georgetown and Capitol Hill.

Ward 5 Council member Jack Evans called plans to put one or more cell transmitters on nearly every block "ludicrous".


The War on 5G:

County To Sue FCC Over Radio Frequency Emission Standards for Small Cell Antennas

Exposure limit is currently 580 microwatts per square centimeter


But but but her emails!!!!

The Washington Post: Ivanka Trump used personal email for government business

Ivanka Trump used personal email for government business

Sixteen House Democrats vow to oppose Pelosi as next speaker

The lawmakers thanked the House leader “for her years of service” but called for a new leadership.


Virginia Could Be The State To Give Women Equal Rights Nationwide.

An 'Exceptionally Rare' 2-Headed Snake Found In Virginia Has Died

The CIA has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of outspoken Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to media reports.

Just in: Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is giving $1.8 billion to Johns Hopkins University –– the largest donation to a single university, it’s earmarked exclusively to financial aid.

Nationalism definition from merriam-webster.com from May 2012, and from today:


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