"Send the link and pictures to your Green "Friends" and delusional children ( but I repeat myself)
Remind them all their efforts, their Bus Ride, the Bike day, the recycling, the Vegan diet, the Solar Panels the Nissan Leaf, it's all so utterly utterly futile its laughable they would be so gullible / arrogant to think they can make a difference" 🎵 that's true 🎶 😆

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It's the <pew, pew, pew> website for fossil fuel 🙂 "Handy Website: "Flare Intel"
watch in real time as Thousands of tonnes of CO2 is added daily to the atmosphere as Natural Gas is Flared / burnt off... it's Beautiful...
Gazprom’s Portovaya plant flaring emits about 9,000 tons of carbon dioxide every day. 
To put this in perspective, that’s the same amount of emissions produced over a whole year by more than 1,100 average American homes. A Day." flareintel.com

And the millennials need them to go to keep the team in Cleveland.
"We don't need ppl like that anyway" they say. YES YOU DO and you pissed them off. Here's to the 5th lowest attendance in the league. move the team or restore the mascot.

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Rode in one for the first time ever last night. I don't trust the company, and diffferent does not necessarily mean better.


My inlaws being British are really all in on the Royals in a funny way.

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