ITM. I'm looking for engineers to work with me on this project: If you have a solid background in Nextcloud, Matrix, Jitsi, email, Lightning, please get in touch. [email protected]

In a moment of weakness, I was considering throwing out GrapheneOS for a new iPhone...then I watched the WWDC keynote. No thank you...

Want something special on your Thanksgiving table? Try Birra Norcia. Made by monks in Italy. Trappist-style. Order here:

I am loving seeing this infighting on the Left over the vaccines. The more mandates, the more certain people might move to becoming American. The Left believes that it's Republicans that are the largest unvaxed group when it's actually minorities of many colors. Black, Latino, Asians, I'd say those are the most vaccine resistant.

I'm rooting for Nicki to beat Joy's ass.

At the Geneva press conference...Biden just claimed, again, that the protesters at Jan 6 "killed a policeman"... @adam

If I wear microwave popcorn packs on my body, will that alert me to directed-energy attacks?

WASHINGTON, D.C.—A dangerous conspiracy theorist based in Washington doesn't believe vaccines work, concerned sources reported Tuesday. He spouted his deadly rhetoric in a speech today, going on about how even if Americans get two doses of the vaccine, they should keep triple-masking, avoid going outside, and stay in their homes and die alone.The post Dangerous Conspiracy Theorist Doesn't Believe Vaccines Work

Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready to roll?

It is time once again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Preshow!

Tune in now!

New Jersey Government Seizes $165,000 from Atilis Gym's Bank Account -- 100% of Gym's Assets for 'Crime' of Remaining Open (VIDEO)

These people are really sick. This business is righteous and must be made whole from all the governmental sins...

» BREAKING: Investigators Release Huge Bombshell That Unravels The Left-Wing Anti-Trump Narrative About January 6th As Evidence Points To Left-Wing Marxist Coup To Smear President Trump and All Americans Who Support Him…HERE’S WHAT REALLY HAPPENED (((VIDEO))) — Evans News Report – Texas Trump Train

Short note: bsdtar is already installed on the latest version of Pop_OS!

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