My wife: Why do I want to watch a microphone review?

Me: You'll see.

My wife: It's a crappy cheap mic too.

Me: I know. Just wait.

My wife: Wait for what?

<< See video >>

My wife: That was Bandrew's best video ever!

Me: Told you.

My wife: Can we get that on a loop?

@bandrew this is what legends are made of. If anyone isn't following the Podcastage YouTube channel and subscribed to the Bandrew Says Podcast, you are missing out.

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@darrenoneill @bandrew I’m gonna dox myself as a moron, but I did not realize this is who bandrew was. I watched a ton of his stuff last year while shopping for the show. Very cool. Very legal. Very small world.

@darrenoneill @bandrew
Am I the only one who said "that's what she said" after the first few seconds of the video? 🙊

@darrenoneill @bandrew
You should see some of our blooper footage.
Very funny, though, and glad you weren't injured (other than your pride).

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