~90 minutes until the pre-show for the BEST show in the Universe on the No Agenda Stream!

Today's theme is bootleggers roll your tapes!

Hope you can tune in.

can people chime in here with how they listen? I usually wait for the podcast, but for the live stream, I use DoubleTwist. same question for the chat...


I use a program called AIMP to listen to the stream. It's a free program and it has Windows and Android versions:

Enter the No Agenda Stream address and you're good to go:

For the chat room I use another free program called HexChat:

The IRC server address is:

and the chat room name is:

More information and help can be found at:

For me, listening live usually equates to missing most of the episode due to interruptions. My podcast player of choice is BeyondPod on Android and VLC on the computer.

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