It's time for another LIVE! Grumpy Old Bens! Today, our buddy @ThatLARRYSHOW joins us as we talk about all things Podcasting.

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Hey @adam stop NOT calling my country Candinavia! Sincerely, Sir Acid of the Candinavian Woods

It's the first Thursday of the week and it's time to rock out before the Best Podcast in the Universe!

Tune in now for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show With SirDarrenO!

ITM y'all - this one is a little more blue than I would normally do, but it was funny (to me) and made such a great point I couldn't resist (we much).

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

The Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show to the Best Podcast In The Universe had a Knight theme today in honor of my Knighting. All songs have the word "Night" or "Knight" in them.

Grab it now, while you can, and rock out!

@Johncdvorak sounds like he has his ‘80’s Star Wars toy collection out

It is time for a very special Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show With DarrenO!

Today's show will only feature songs with "Night" in the title in honor of me becoming a Knight of the No Agenda Round Table today.

I hope you can tune in and rock out!

Grumpy Old Bens - Episode #36 - Piracy

We take on piracy in all its forms in this latest episode of Grumpy Old Bens. Does it hurt consumers? Does it hurt content creators? How long should copyrights really last?

The more @SirBemrose and I try to shorten the episodes the longer they become. We'll just call it Bonus Bens!

Grumpy Old Bens #36 is about to begin LIVE! on the No Agenda Stream.

Join us for all the fun!

Did you miss today's No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show With DarrenO? Here's your chance to grab a copy before it's gone!

I'll be cranking out more tunes on Sunday so be sure to tune in 2-hours before No Agenda and get your requests in!

@dcgirl Thanks for the name suggestion, I can't come up with anything better! Sir DarrenO of the Rock 'N' Roll it shall be!

Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready to troll?

It's time for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show With DarrenO! Tune in now to join in the fun.

It's only since 1991 Ukraine declared itself independent from the former USSR. Ever since the corruption had grown to enormous levels. Many olicharchs profiting from all the national resources. Average people poor and without food.

Of course the equally corrupt Biden's, Clinton's and probably many others profited from all that also. The new anti corruption laws where stalled, probably with the help of these US government individuals.

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