@darrenoneill I forgot the card, but I made him a cake and invited party goats to the celebration! 😀🐐🎉



Of course, I might not get a notification here so:

darren at randumbthoughts.com if needed!

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Good morning, No Agenda Social.

Everyone is saying this is going to be a tough week. It's going to be bad. It is going to be our 9/11 or our Pearl Harbor. No matter what there's not a lot of optimistic talk going on.

I'm turning 50 in two days. I hope to one day look back at this week and see it as the point things started getting better. Where people started pulling together and forgetting petty political arguments.

Is there anything I can do to make your week better?

Let me know!

Let There Be Rock!

The No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show is on the bitstreams.

Tune in.

Turn it up.

Happy Birthday, @Johncdvorak !!

Just a warning - about to boost my own toot of the latest ANA - views are well below what we usually get within the first 6 hours.

Maybe time for the click farm?

If half the people with Covid-19 show ZERO symptoms what does that tell us?

Has this virus, or a close variant been around for a while and people have already had it?

I find it hard to believe a virus deadly in some does nothing to 1/2 the population.

Theories on this from anyone in the medical field?



Your sneak attack worked! Congratulations you earned it with a fine piece.

@darrenoneill you’re reading my mind! I was wanting to hear some Pet Shop Boys! 👊

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