Grumpy Old Bens #75 - Carolyn Blaney

The always delightful Carolyn Blaney of the Hog Story podcast joins the masters of Grumpy on this episode to discuss privacy, security, the Breonna Taylor case and more! We thank her for her courage.

@CSB @darrenoneill unlike burger flippers, @CarBlanez33 is a friend of mine.

Also i am just rattling cages people shouldn't take me so seriously lol 🙃

It's the first Thursday of the week!

The Best Damn Podcast in the Universe is on-deck to shrink your amygdala in just about 2-hours.

Until then, I'll be pumping the wattage into your cottage & blasting that bass all over your face!

Tune in NOW!

Live Grumpy Old Bens coming up in an hour with @NICKtheRAT

The stream is currently being warmed up, stop on by. Sit a spell.

Fabulous show today! No Agenda 1257 comes to an end. Sure, just another “stupid radio program,” that’s all.

Heya @adam & @Johncdvorak, love you guys and to the NAS community, y’all isn’t half-bad, either.

Poor kid has to do the duty and exit the gene pool due to his mother's stupidity... C'est Tragic!

As we wait for the BDPITU we ROCK!

Tune in now and get to the Troll Room!

The No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll PreShow is ON THE STREAM!


Breaking News. has been shelved. Show creators @darrenoneill and @SirBemrose report world is perfect, there is no longer anything to be grumpy about.

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