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Randumb Thoughts #28: "Ireland" @darrenoneill

The Mark and George Show #17: "Grounded" @voidzero


Episode #28 - "Ireland" of my Randumb Thoughts Podcast is available for your listening pleasure.

Find out about the Irish things that I love as well as why a bed & breakfast owner on the Emerald Isle stalked me after our stay at his spider-infested house of horrors. Also ALWAYS get the car rental insurance!


Today's pre-show stream is available for download for a limited time. (It's stored on a service called wesendit.com and once it times out it will be gone.)

Hope you enjoyed the tunes! Thanks for @voidzero & @SirBemrose for allowing me to take over the stream!

Download: wsi.li/NZburtm6n1hWWo

~90 minutes until the pre-show for the BEST show in the Universe on the No Agenda Stream!

Today's theme is bootleggers roll your tapes!

Hope you can tune in.

Haven't had the time to watch all of this. He talks about AOC answering a "casting call" to get the nomination. Is this really how far the country has fallen?

Is this guy Jordan Peterson normally accurate? Not familiar with him.


We will be taking over the No Agenda Stream for the two hours leading up to the Sunday Morning Service tomorrow. I'm trying a concept show of playing nothing but live unreleased music.

Hope you can tune in!

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