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/me roundhouse kicks every piece of gear he has

MotherFUCKER there’s gain adjustment in the sound settings for the FUCKING mic! With it cranked to 100 no wonder it SOUNDED LIKE SHIT


@darrenoneill I recall @Genen poo-pooing your penchant for T-Swift on the last GOB. In your face!

So, I bought a copy of Taylor Swift's "Reputation" on orange vinyl when it came out. $45 shipped.

They're selling for $1000 now.

Fuck Bitcoin, I should have invested in T-Swizzle vinyl.


Thank you, you crazy trolls. Don't know how you did it...

The amount of planning and coordination it must have taken.

Here is the report based on the requests submitted for yesterday's Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show.

(Requests can be submitted by going to rnr.show)

If this isn't a sign, I don't know what is!

And, if you do trigger someone on Twitter, feel free to use this to bring your point home.


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Episode #4 of PLANET RAGE featuring @ThatLARRYSHOW and myself has been released!

Tune in.


Then trigger someone for your chance to win a gift-card of your choosing!

(No Commie-Loving Companies, Please!)


@darrenoneill Done. And I even made a donation to the great 70's DJ (according to JCD), Darren O!

@darrenoneill lies again - we always know we're going to hear Baggy Trousers!

Any chance you played The Spirit Of Radio, @darrenoneill? I only got out of bed ten minutes ago.

@darrenoneill is the spirit of radio!

Geddy's vocals be damned!

@wyliesau @darrenoneill yea fuck the lame ass troll room, NAS is where it is at

aww thanks @darrenoneill for bringing the Styx and the ! Thursday and Second Thursday mornings are always better for it! ITM @CoffeeFingers !

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