Randumb Thoughts - Episode #37 - Premium

This episode is about all things premium & why choosing the premium option is not always the best option. I talk about the hunt for a new turntable & why my new premium Dell laptop is not all that premium due to latency issues.


We've got to have a conversation about Marketing at some point @SirBemrose. While I agree that some evil things are done in the name of Marketing, it's not all bad. I mean, you and @darrenoneill have to do it at some level to let people know about "Grumpy Old Bens" right?

(And yes, love the show, gents!)

Episode #9 of Grumpy Old Bens - Online Security

Ryan Bemrose and I tackle the things you can do to stay safe online from your browser choice to using a VPN, alternate DNS provider and more.

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Episode #36 - Forced Diversity

The latest SI Swimsuit Issue features a lot of diversity, but is that a good thing? Why does every new TV show features a cornucopia of characters like the producers are just trying to check boxes? Tune in now to find out!


For the coming 90 minutes I'll be making some radio on the stream we all love. Hang out with me in the No Agenda Chatroom and listen LIVE:


Two new podcasts hot off the presses!

Randumb Thoughts #35 - Hijacking History

A Chicago Cubs fan is banned for life from Wrigley Field for making the OK gesture with his hand and only the white Boston Red Sox players show up at the White House. Find out why and more!


Grumpy Old Bens #8 - Ubiquitous Surveillance

@SirBemrose and I are joined by @voidzero as we discuss the current surveillance state. Can we put the genie back in the bottle?


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