I heart @darrenoneill for many reasons. But especially for Prince live followed my INXS live! Love love love love

ITM, mi amigos!

(may not be here for the whole thing live, but I'm here now, partying like it's 1999 @darrenoneill )

Hey @darrenoneill
It’s show day and time to Rock and Roll with DarrenOh! @Lennoxxreverb nice Zappa pull!

EP #98 - Drone Home

@Lennoxxreverb joined us to talk about a wide variety of topics that everyone but @SirBemrose thought were interesting. Do me a favor and give this episode a listen!

Thank you to @methos and @CSB for supporting the show!


It's almost time for the

Grumpy Old Bens LIVE! Experience

We are currently warming up the stream.

Tune in now!


Been going through some personal pain lately and attempts to numb it side affect was me lashing out at people undeservingly like an ass. Ill try to be less asshole and deal. ;)

First app for win10 born out of podcastindex.org and it rocks! Podfriend - Your friendly Podcast Player App (for Mobile & Desktop) l.curry.com/fjz

I just switched over to @darrenoneill and his rock-n-roll prestream. And that's

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