I'd say this a little differently @darrenoneill: people who are for suppressing the speech of others are either afraid of the truth and/or afraid that what they believe is a lie.

And if you're not listening to Grumpy Old Ben's when you're not listening to , what are you doing with your life?

Grumpy Old Bens Episode #16 is hot off the press. Our buddy Larry Bleidner from "That Larry Show" joined @SirBemrose & I for our longest episode to date where we talked about language and how it's being weaponized in our culture. Please give it a listen & subscribe!


Grump Old Bens will be on the No Agenda Stream LIVE in about 25 minutes. Be sure to join @SirBemrose and I for the fun as Larry from That Larry Show will be joining us.


In the morning! It's that time again. Who is up for a little rock and roll from the bootleg archives before the No Agenda Show? I am live on the stream so tune in now! noagendastream.com

@ChrisWilson Sending out good karma to your mom, Bernadette. She sounds like a fighter!

Grumpy Old Bens - Episode #15 - Right to Repair

Should you be able to repair the things you own? What happens when companies use encrypted software to impede repairing? What if you can't get the parts? Tune in now to hear the discussion.


Randumb Thoughts - Episode #43 - Reality

What is real? This episode tackles advertising, the news, and social media. What happens when everyone pretends their live is great on social media?


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Can anyone help me get in touch with Sir Sean/Shawn from Moyock? My fiancée's family lives in Currituck and I'd love to meet up with a fellow Knight on one of our visits @adamcurry @THErealDVORAK @darrenoneill @Sir_Nussbaum @SirChrisWilson @noagendaquotes @noagendashop

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It’s Truuuuuumps fault Twitter is down. Mic in mouth TRUUUMP

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