Where is @sizzletron and @BlueDouche ???
Anyone hear from them?

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@danksteady @BlueDouche @sizzletron no.... ive seen others asking too... Sizzletron is wiped from NAS. He is not on my “following” list anymore and i cant find him on NAS... i think he lived in canada. Did he get taken in and wiped clean by trudeau/aka blackface? Sizzletron had other social media accounts he talked about but i never visited them.

@mrman Is he just sticking to .win? Why did he leave us?! 😭

@danksteady @BlueDouche I was just looking for Sizz two nights ago. Got worries when I saw he nuked his NAS account.

@danksteady @BlueDouche I’ve been wondering about Sizzletron as well. I miss his posts. Anyone know what happened to him and @BlueDouche?

@Kennyben @danksteady @BlueDouche I posted a similar thread last's just not the same without those two. At least @BlueDouche still has an account but @sizzletron is gone from NAS. I'd sent his alt-account on Gitmo.Life a message but no reply...hope they're both doing alright and look forward to seeing them here again soon.

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