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Titletown Na Meet up. Green Bay, WI. Today was an amazing afternoon. If you are second guessing on attending a meet up, Stop it!!!! Just go. No Agenda attracts such great people.

Tomorrow is a big day...

10th Annual Maple Syrup Fest - Phelps, Wisconsin. Come join the fun! Be on the lookout for Crazy Joe's Syrup and Honey!

It's almost time for the

Grumpy Old Bens LIVE! Experience

We are currently warming up the stream.

Tune in now!

Wisconsin snack time. Fresh cheese curds made this morning. Squeeky fresh.

The top has popped!!!

La Soufriere volcano in the Caribbean erupts with plumes of ash up to five miles high - the first time since 1979.

@danksteady I should also add that, the co-worker only took his J&J shot because he felt pressure from his family to do so. He wanted to “ keep the peace”. He was very apprehensive, caved to the pressure. Very sad.

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Yesterday, a co-worker received the J&J shot during his lunch hour. He returned to work and stated he had a really bad headache, but finished his workday. One of the lib-tard drones in the office gave him shit, stating side effects would not show up that fast....
This morning, he called in sick. During the night, he could not sleep. Had high fever, chills/shivers, felt dizzy with a queasy stomach. Currently, he feels better than last night, but still has a low grade fever and still queasy.

Correct. In all those years before they never have managed to isolate the virus. Still these pharma creeps pretend to have a 'vaccine'. PCR (that swab up your nose) should never be used to show anything like this fake pandemic. People lock themselves up over a totally meaningless 'positive test'. It's nuts...

Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready to roll?

It is time once again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Preshow!

Tune in now!

Given how blatant that hit job was by CBS/60 Minutes on DeSantis, it tells me that the left is very, very worried about DeSantis in 2024. So much so that they need to start weakening him 3 years out.

@CoffeeFingers At this point I bet we can make new flags faster than they can figure out which to ban

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