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Titletown Na Meet up. Green Bay, WI. Today was an amazing afternoon. If you are second guessing on attending a meet up, Stop it!!!! Just go. No Agenda attracts such great people.

@TurdFerguson @Ladygetoverit @HopScotch @billybon3s

I created the term LUTFA - "Leave Us The Fuck Alone," as well as its opposing acronym, ASTCO - "Assholes Seeking To Control Ohers." I've used them repeatedly in my podcast, for quite some time. Hope this clears any confusion.

Weird, it's symptoms are the vaccines side effects? Who could have seen that coming!

@MikeRiley Finally got a chance to look through the PDF version of FrUNology. It's awesome! Can't wait to get the hard copy, it will be a staple on the coffee table. TYFYC!

@danksteady aka Clark Giswold, I think we did a great job decorating for Christmas!

Scott Adam says that Ivermectin doesn’t work because no legit doctors support it, only rogue doctors.


Doesn’t a legit doctor immediately become a rogue doctor the second they support ivermectin?

This is the 400th American Thanksgiving – why aren’t we celebrating that milestone? ▲ Why the Pilgrims were LUTFAS ▲ How ASTCO’s are trying to delete Thanksgiving ▲ Why I drove 6,000 miles last Thanksgiving ▲ Whether you know it or not, YOU are a PILGRIM! ▲ Don’t TOUCH that turkey until you’ve listened to this episode!

America is NOT the government; the government is NOT America.

Where is @sizzletron and @BlueDouche ???
Anyone hear from them?

@danksteady Glad you both are feeling better too! We live to hear our family members praise the vax another day, while we get to bask in our natural immunity haha

The Land of Lincoln is a first-rate shit-hole.

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