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Titletown Na Meet up. Green Bay, WI. Today was an amazing afternoon. If you are second guessing on attending a meet up, Stop it!!!! Just go. No Agenda attracts such great people.

@danksteady that guy looks like he was peeled off of an adhesive applicator. I bet his hair is flammable.

They flew this douche out to the store. LOL.
White psycho shooter, weeks of coverage ahead.

Joey’s latest lies – BUSTED ▲ Is America’s pendulum swinging back to sanity? ▲ Recent events you NEVER thought would occur ▲ How social media is making everyone sick ▲ Joey’s favorite TV shows – revealed!

@sirphenom need to put these clippings in the "reasons to defund public education" folder.

Well lookie here - a “heat” day and teacher skip day all rolled into one. 🤬

Did anyone happen to record @fletcher and I hosting the RnR Pre-Show from last Sunday? Thanks!

It was damn windy here in FEMA Region 5. My boss had a trailer parked about 15ft away from where I park. The trailer went rolling, right into my ride. Chock your wheels, always!

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