Has anyone found a legit source for the Ziverdo kits (Doxycycline, Ivermectin, Zinc Acetate) mentioned in the last couple of episodes?

I've found a couple of websites but wanted to make sure it's not an overpriced placebo. Thanks

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@danielwebb are those all prescriptions?

The Americans Frontline doctors do telemedicine. I know they can do HCQ. Have you tried them?

@hogihung No, they're not all prescriptions. The zinc is available everywhere and I think the ivermectin is accessible where horse supplies can be had.

Thanks for the Frontline Doctors idea. I may check with them. The Ziverdo kit is available in India as a prophylactic and treatment. Doesn't sound like it requires a prescription.

@danielwebb gotcha - thought maybe the doxy and iver were prescription. I take two zinc w/ querciquin (sp?) each day and a just zinc each day along with vitamin d, b-12, edleberry and small dose aspirin

@hogihung @danielwebb doxy is a prescription antibiotic but it's widely available if you have a doctor friend or go in complaining of a sinus infection. I just was prescribed some by my ENT doctor last week.

@danielwebb frontline doctors will prescribe hcq or ivermectin but not both. there are numerous online pharmas that ship product from india or china. most of these are legit, AFAIK. 12mg x 60 tabs of ivermectin was a little under $300 shipped. i did the $90 appt with frontline dr for hcq but havent yet got a callback from the pharma yet, so i am unaware of actual all-in cost.i will ask them what it would have cost had he prescribed me ivermectin instead.

@thisisthebreath Thanks for the info. The price and quantity you mention is what I'm finding too.

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