It tells you when to breathe fresh air, and reminds you to put it on. This is some seriously dystopian shit.

Oh and calling Bruce and Barry's show "Renegades - Born in the USA", funny. Maybe one of you.

Wut? Springsteen & Obama made a podcast?

Seems like a super fake MoeFactz with @adam on Spotify no less!

Also the video trailer seems to crop out their fathers. At least Obama's. Interesting…

"We exist in part of an alternate universe because the mainstream media is trying to have a coherent story which I've called the 'gated institutional narrative' and the institutions pretend that.. they plug their fingers in their ears... and pretend that nothing exists outside of MSNBC talking to CNN about what was in the New York Times as covered by the Washington Post. So, that's effectively like a professional wrestling promotion"

-Eric Weinstein on Lex Fridman Podcast 2/23/21

I witnessed this on a local news broadcast yesterday (about a local nursing home):
A Corona Virus piñata..... When virus shaped piñatas are being mass produced, you are NOT in the midst of a pandemic.

Has anyone found a legit source for the Ziverdo kits (Doxycycline, Ivermectin, Zinc Acetate) mentioned in the last couple of episodes?

I've found a couple of websites but wanted to make sure it's not an overpriced placebo. Thanks

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