Here's my Dad's obituary; it has a good pic of him. I really appreciate how supportive you all were on Friday.

LOL at the episode 1315 in-home douchebag call-out... :)

(Never skip the donation segments, folks - it's gold...)

@darrenoneill @saltymedic @jennifer @agates To date, my favorite response to the 'nothing to hide' argument:

"I need privacy, not because MY motives are questionable, but because YOURS are."

Ever notice how every argument in favor of government or corporate surveillance assumes, ex facie, that the entity doing the surveiling is benevolent with pure motives? This is almost never true in the real world.

Please be praying for my family; my dad passed away about an hour ago. We'll be getting him from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to East Tennessee for burial. Monday would have been he and my mom's 52nd anniversary.

ITM to y'all on the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century!

There it is. Farewell, Jorgensen/Cohen 2020 - you had a good run.

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Now that inaugluration is done, I guess I need to change my profile picture. Now, to remember where all I have it...

So long to the US president who never got a fair shake, then spent the last 2 months giving the media all the ammo they need to justify their actions.

So long... and thanks for all the judges.

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS v0.8 (AKA "phase 3") IS NOW OUT!

This phase brings the ability to search profiles by continent, whether they're looking for remote work, text-search within skills, and text search within the professional bio and experience sections.

As always, if you run into issues, let me know.

And, if she's looking for a new challenge, looks like her home-town college football team is in need of a coach. She'd likely be better than the last few, and can you imagine her recruiting? I mean, who wouldn't want to come play football for Dolly Parton?

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I view the State in the same way I view electricity: when working correctly its very beneficial and makes your life easier, but should have the correct breakers installed so that it shuts down when it flips out and tries to kill everyone

As we approach this MLK Jr. Day in the U.S., after going through a year of the greatest racial unrest in a generation, I believe it would be good for our entire culture to focus, not on the progress still to be made, but on the progress achieved up to this point, and be grateful for it. It should give us all some much-needed perspective.

(And, since I can't really address the entire culture - y'all get my thoughts on NAS.)

I also don't think its happening is a huge departure from business-as-usual in US elections. Those who are serious about 2024 being different will work *before the votes are cast* to eliminate anomalies that have vexed them re: 2020's results.

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Were I a betting person, I would stake a large amount of money that the next episode of No Agenda will be released during the Biden administration. (I'm not a betting person - I work too hard for my money - but that's how I'd bet.)

I'm not saying I'm happy about it (much less having to change my profile pic, which I've told myself goes until inaug(l)uration), but it's happening.

(see first comment for more)

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