Just reading JCD's latest Oasis newsletter, and I had to come over here to get the answer to a really important question:


Back in January, my Dad passed away. Several times since then, I've tried to write a fitting tribute, but I kept coming back to the eulogy I gave at his funeral. Posting this seems so final - probably because it is - but I know that final isn't forever.

(I really appreciated my NA tribe rallying around me 3 months ago.)


I've added audio to the most recent 6 posts on my devotional blog. The most recent one should be considered a "beta" re: audio quality, but the Advent readings are better, IMO. Feedback on audio quality is welcome! :)


The feed is also on Podcast Index.


Everyone has said we need to bring Republicans and Democrats together; what we've missed in this 60 Minutes controversy is that their story was so egregious - THEY DID IT! BOTH PARTIES AGREE!

BTW - did they ever retract the "fake but accurate" Dubya ANG documents?

I'm thinking about recording one of my blog's posts - more of an "audio companion" than podcast, but RSS is RSS.

If my goal is to eventually have them all, and they'll be enclosures on their original posts, should I start recent and work back, or start early and move forward?

"Edelweiss" is an amazing song, and really captures the Austrian spirit. That may be true, but it's not an Austrian song! Check out this write up to learn all about it, including a video of Christopher Plummer's original performance (the movie dubbed in someone else).


A very happy birthday to the man, the myth, and the legend, @Johncdvorak! The Cranky Geek that has inspired us to be Grumpy Old Bens. Have a great day!

Happy April 2nd, when you can go back to believing everything you read on the Internet!

(said no one with a brain ever)

I'm enjoying playing with Docker, especially when I can work with a side project while doing research for my day job. What I'm not enjoying is consistently dealing with "partition full" issues when I have ~5 GB free.

(Yes, this is a self-imposed, dual-boot-supporting restriction, but it would be great if I didn't have to run "docker image prune" manually to reclaim my disk space...)

New devotional post: "Plucking Eyes and Cutting Hands" devotions.summershome.org/2021

This post clarifies the proper interpretation of Jesus's words that were, in part, blamed for inspiring the Atlanta murder. You may not agree with the conclusions, but this shows that this man's actions were about as far from biblical as you can get.

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