I am feeling stuck on this show art idea and this makes me miss photoshop tennis.

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Has anyone else reading this installed the app Bridgefy by now?

Yes, I was intrigued by its usefulness in Hong Kong and how it circumvents the need for internet services because it relies only upon the bluetooth service on your device to send and receive messages
+ you can broadcast messages to those within range that also have the app (not encrypted + warning phone number is revealed when broadcasting)

The more of us that install it, the wider the network

LOOKING FOR ADMIN NoAgendaArtGenerator.com is down.

The six multi-colored glazed donuts sticker set held strong, but Sally needed a new dress 😂😂👗

"I'm going to miss the great sound..."~JohnCDvorak Sad day .. happy day!

Just want to say, "Salutations!" to all of new followers joining us on NoAgendaSocial --(✿◠‿◠)-- I have decided to focus on Evergreen Artwork in hopes of someday getting chosen!

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