JCD just released an article written completely in his cranky, ornery crotchity voice about the internet and all of it's flaws. (🥰)

On Adams advice, I'm posting here. Looking to bail out of NY I would like to live in order IN, TN, FL, SD, TX or NH. This is my linked in linkedin.com/in/jon-gabriel-bo looking for work.

Happy 420/Apple Day !! Whotta combo

I could not catch the live announcement, but watching the cached video, I see they have @adam TOP CENTER (screenshoot of day one of Apple Podcasts used in the announcement) and had to say -- I saw it too! 😁

@Johncdvorak I just got in from one of my Vegas parties .. and well.. I met a guy tonight that looks kinda like you and he was smitten with me!
No, I did not get a picture of him to share with you, but he might be in trouble. LOL 😘

I heard they are going to make Joe walk a few blocks. Stay tuned!

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Inauguration Day morning coverage had me enjoying (FL-R) Congressman Michael Waltz's subtle, white elephant "Good Luck" message to the new leadership.

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She has been relocated inside the brand new Circa Hotel and Casino and has become the newest Vegas must-have selfie!

I went ahead and made a poster like a 17 year old girl. It will arrive before Christmas.

I made sure to meet Tina first. She is really personable and gorgeous. They make a lovely couple 😍@adam

Aric "The Shill" Wife Dee and the offspring! (+me)
Great family. Boys well-behaved. I talked with al of them.

@adam + TheKeeper
Looking forward to the tonight!!

If you can read this -- are you going too? !!

"There are also people who will create art ahead of time and before the show thinking they know what we are going to discuss.
This rarely works."
--John C Dvorak


In Vegas you have to prepare early as all dispensaries are next-day delivery and most of the websites crashed on Saturday.

Where are the late-night roundtable discussions with mutton & mead at?

I am feeling stuck on this show art idea and this makes me miss photoshop tennis.

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