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It looks like it is time to cancel BLM! And just in time as we approach a verdict in the Chauvin trial.

Note to activists: Save the money you make because it will be used against you when you are tossed to the curb after the narrative changes or the mission is accomplished.


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Hey @adam & @Johncdvorak we've got you here with us for the Alaska Meetup! 9 listeners and 1 infiltrating girlfriend.

Reflecting on the Georgia mail in ballot 'ID' requirement. I am a resident alien in the US, passed a driving test and obtained a driver's license in my state. Don't tell me it's racist to insist on ID. If you want to vote by mail, go to the bother of getting ID (which you probably already have).

So the Mail is now speculating the Queen will step down day to day control to Prince Charles when she turns 95. This is just in time for the Great Reset to really kick off. How about that Alex Jones?

These holy weeks, let's commit to all be more Nachshon. The dude had the courage to jump into the Red Sea when nobody else would. We who reject Covid-19 safetyism and want to reopen society must be Nachshon. youtube.com/watch?v=QKp6y2Lpgx

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Have great vacations @adam and @Johncdvorak. You have worked harder than Goldman Sachs junior bankers this year, and definitely created more value.

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Out of curiosity I went on to Joe Rogan's Spotify podcast stream today and it seems all of his guests in the past month have been MMA? It seems nobody with any sense is taking the gig behind the paywall. Meanwhile No Agenda, Triggernometry, etc go from strength to strength.

Win for privacy in my household tonight. My wife has deleted Twitter and Instagram, asked me to set up her own email domain and Fastmail account instead of Gmail. Progress.

So today I went to get my engine oil changed and was served by a young black gentleman (aged 32, he volunteered) who educated me on the interconnection between the UK drill scene and the Gangster Disciples from Chicago (including the merger, and split thereof). I was not expecting that when I pulled up my SUV. It didn't seem he was a Black Lives Matter fan. He also said Latinos need guns because they are too short to fight.

Producers: are you a UK citizen? Make your feelings heard on the UK Government's plans for "COVID certification" (aka vaccine passport). Respond to the consultation by 29 March below:


Forget the girl crushes, this white guy ♥️ Kristi Noem

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I suppose I should be grateful that my child is in school. But we've finally had the email saying a kid in her class has 'tested positive' so the entire class needs to be off school for 14 days, and can only come back to school with a negative PCR test. What a load of bullcrap.

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****** BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!!
Breaking Now:
calls Super Bowl LV for the Kansas City Chiefs

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