thanks. It appears to be an editorial that, although alarming and comprehensive, will be easily dismissed by the rona bros.

@adam I searched thursday's show notes for the NIH study Adam referred to discussing covid (the cya memo) and cannot find it. Can anyone post a link or guide me through the show notes so I don't have to keep asking for ya'lls help?

I've had my share of calf fries. they're best fried in cornmeal and cut fairly thin. Bruce's just outside Fort Collins CO is famous for them and supposedly ships them all over. As far as how you get them, fairly obvious that every steer in the feedlot was a bull at one point. My Grandfather used to put fresh ones in the branding fire and when they popped were ready to eat.

I haven't even checked, but I would be willing to wager that the apocalypse clock is further from midnight today with looming nuclear war, actual war, energy and food shortages than during the prior administration.

@Johncdvorak @adam Proof that hollywood/tv producers really talk like that

@Johncdvorak @adam this has to be satire. Just reading the About and Demands sections are hilarious. Noodle They

thursday's NA Adam asked what the 70's version of beanie babies...NFTs. another callback to the 70's is the trucker convoys.

@NBS Now this is something I can get behind. Is it real? doubtful, but still funny!

I'm not good at finding out what organizations really are and came across this beaut. They are exposing Zelensky as corrupt and it prickled my antennae. IDK if their agenda is pure. any insight appreciated. The chairwoman is something else too.

@adam @Johncdvorak alpha agonists cause safe sedation in vet med and are used to treat hypertension in humans. One of the many differences between humans and animals.

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@adam @Johncdvorak form an article I found
"A Philadelphia study found this tranquilizer present in nearly one-third of fatal opioid overdose cases in that city. Using xylazine with opioids increases the chance of overdose and death. It is believed that adding xylazine to the illegal drug combinations used by humans make the effects of the drug last longer."

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@adam @Johncdvorak In the last episode a clip discussing overdoses in Austin mentioned the common veterinary sedative xylazine. It is my understanding that it has no relation to opioids. Xylazine is an alpha 2 agonist, while opioids act on mu receptors. It is believed that adding xylazine prolongs the fentanyl effects. Xylazine has commonly and safely used in vet med for at least 40 years (long before fentanyl was developed) and cannot be reversed by narcan.

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