@adam Do you know where there is *no* vaccine mandates? Here in China.

Sure, they're pushing it pretty hard, but the central government has made it explicit on numerous occasions that it is illegal for companies and local governments to *require* it.

Local government officials who tried have been reprimanded or even fired.

@corani strange. I remember in the beginning of the year RT was saying China was pushing a vaccine pass based on QR Codes

@AlbertoLopez not that I've heard or read. It's all voluntary. Even the (rather draconian) quarantine regulations for people entering the country make no distinction whatsoever between vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

@corani wow! This is amazing and surprising. Great info, thanks. I work in Japan and we are still not required but slowly slowly creeping towards more vacc restrictions. Crossing my fingers we don't become required as I cannot take accept it.

@corani @adam do you have a nornie acceptable source on this?

@corani @adam they already have enough control in China, it’s the rest of the world that has to be beaten into submission to the communist state.

@corani wow, who knew China would be more humane than American democrats

@Anthony @corani

In a similar vein, what liberties do people possess in NSW that aren't held in Xinjiang?

@corani @adam it may not be mandatory, however I know from friends there and experience that you cannot do anything without a pass. Going into buildings, metro, pretty much anything that requires interfacing with society. In the cities, that’s everything.

@BillyWhimwa @adam At the moment in Beijing they're barely checking the "health code" anymore, most places I go to there's a QR code next to the door, which everyone ignores.

If local cases are found they're more strict, but even at the height of it you could easily get away with a screenshot (I used that many times).

And for the paranoid, in the majority of places you can write down your name + number (nobody who checks whether it's correct).


They just literally lock you in your house.

@Meiosismb If there's a local outbreak, sure. But over the last more than one year those cases have been few and far between.

And as a result, the number of new cases today in all of China is 30, most of which are "import". And that is with entire cities of millions being tested when local cases are found.

@corani ben benieuwd. We gaan het zien. Ik heb het niet zo op letterlijk mensen opsluiten in hun eigen huis.

@corani @adam I can't believe anything said on the internet in China if the ccp is letting it be said.
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