@adam Could you leave a second of silence at the end of NA episodes? It might be an issue in my player (PodcastAddict) but 99% of the time the end-of-show ISO gets cut off at the end :(

@corani How does it cut off? By playing the next podcast? They develop their app actively. Please report this as a bug to them.

@adam yes, switching to the next episode in the middle of the ISO. I'll also report it to the app, but not sure how much that'll help... I've reported an issue with how they handle per-episode cover art multiple times over the years, still without resolution.

@corani @adam which issue are you experiencing with the artwork? Every episode has its own artwork properly displayed


@podcastaddict @adam I received your response about the artwork, thanks! I will try the suggested setting, to retain the artwork after the audio file for an episode is deleted, and see if that fixes the issue.

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