Breaking news for the NA community:

Large explosion just minutes ago at either the US or Indian embassy here in Beijing.

Rumored to be a suicide bomber. This could be nasty, there's usual a line of hundreds of people waiting there...

According to Hong Kongs Oriental Daily reported that the U.S. Embassy in Beijing the day before the explosion, suspected visitors detonated homemade explosive devices.A 50-year-old man, using plastic bottles containing explosives suspected to be black powder, shouted get out of the way and ignited the plastic bottles to explode.The man was injured and fell to the ground. The injured person and the latter were taken away by police after submitting a petition letter to the police.

Ha, what are the odds of finding a picture I posted here turn up on some random newsdude's Twitter:

Apparently the entire internet is using my photo... Who'd have thought No Agenda had such a reach! /cc @adam

...the real issue here is how did Russia get Trump to pull this off?

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