This is just begging for a modification: using a big-ass horn instead of a small buzzer. Then hide it someone under the desk and wait a couple of hours/days for your victim to accidentally touch the capslock button.

The old word for smart city was dystopia.

"Hong Kong police said on Monday they are investigating reports that a man was set on fire during the violent protest in the city."

"Therapy pig hogs the limelight at San Francisco airport"

1. Only in California
2. This is animal exploitation/abuse
3. I wonder, could I carry a therapy firearm into the airport?

I picked up this tidbit from the release notes of Visual Studio Code:

Apparently they're working on running VSCode in the browser. Has anyone tried this already, and can report on how feature-complete this is?

Particularly: does it support the git and the go-development toolchain?

I'd love to wrap this up in a docker image that I can distribute among all my developers!

WhatsApp is PERMANENTLY banning users in groups with a suspicious name

"Even if a member of the group changes the group name to a suspicious name, all participants get the ban."

Not sure what "suspicious" is, but if you're still forced to use WhatsApp, I recommend trying this.

"Did you just lose 100m customer SSNs because your root password was "password", you set an S3 bucket to public or you didn't patch a well known vulnerability for 8 months? Is the media and government chewing you out because of it? Worry not! Our free excuse generator will help you develop an air-tight breach statement in no time!"

"House intelligence chair says first public hearings in Trump impeachment inquiry to begin next week"

The Dems are shooting themselves in the foot with this. From now on, the new normal will be continuous impeachment "inquiries" into everyone you don't agree with.

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