I'm not sharing photos this time, the last time I did (only on NA-Social by the way!) they ended up all over the media...

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I work within eyesight of the US embassy in BJ. This morning it's essentially on lockdown, surrounded by more police then I've seen in one place in the last decade. I hear it's the same in SH today.

So far all a friendly affair, from what I could see. Kind of amusing to see the spook-types loitering about on the embassy grounds. Other surrounding embassies are also a bit nervous, doing perimeter checks and all.

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Haven't read it, but are people finally waking up to the whole ESG scam?

"Europol warns about possible illegal trade of military weapons out of Ukraine"

Who could have guessed that would happen?

(Article in Dutch)


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Also: I finally got WSL2 network connectivity to work when my VPN is on (F5 Big IP).

Not sure what black magic this project does: github.com/sakai135/wsl-vpnkit but it just works.

Only snag is that I had to use the older `0.2.5` version, as McAfee was tripping over the newer versions (straight up killing the process).

Quite an interesting development in my ongoing "hello world" in different languages cross-compiled for RISCV64 project:

The Zig binary is only 3x the size of native assembly! And even more interesting: Zig also compiles C code, and produces a 60x *smaller* binary than GCC (without the need for a cross-compile toolchain!).

I did have to compile QEMU from source to run the Zig binary though, as the (ancient) 4.2 version from my distro just straight segfaulted.

Even after using it for 20 years or so, Linux keeps surprising me.

I was playing around with cross-compiling for RISCV and had already setup a qemu system with a debian install when I found `qemu-user` can directly run the riscv binaries.

And even fancier, it can do this automatically, making it seem like a native executable.

Also interesting: the "same" program in ASM: 1.4KB, in C: 446KB, in Go: 1.3MB

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One perfect usecase for the "remote item" that immediately came to mind:

Many podcasts are doing cross-promotions where they post an episode of another podcast in their feed. A remote item would be perfect for this, especially if it can skip downloading and automatically mark as read if you already listened to that episode via another feed.

Perhaps some mechanism to add your own "bumper" to a remote item would be useful, so you can add your own intro before the episode.

What if Biden's plan to release the strategic oil reserves is actually meant to actually *cause* the oil price to spike? That would mesh quite nicely with his "go green or go home" plans, while being able to pretend he "did what he could" to help the average Joe.


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"Shell’s proposal to move to the UK and drop “Royal Dutch” from its name comes six months after a Dutch court ordered the supermajor to slash its carbon emissions by 45 percent by 2030"

What did you think would happen?

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Just learned about asdf-vm.com/, a tool to easily install multiple versions of programming languages and switch between them.

This seems pretty convenient! Worked seamlessly for my golang environment.

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