Just listened to the Rogan episode with Kermit Pattison. Really interesting, I learned a bunch about early hominids and archeology.

Episodes like this is why I subscribe, and I found it amusing how the guy was often surprised/somewhat confused that Rogan would just let him talk, go on sidetracks, fill in back stories, etc.

That's the magic of long-form podcasts that don't stop every ten minutes for commercial breaks!

BTW, this would have been a perfect episode for image-chapters.

I did a simple experiment on Google images tonight: I searched for "white man" and "black man".

The former has almost half blatantly incorrect results, while the latter had just one.

But look a little closer: the "black" results almost exclusively shows victim roles, while half of the "white results" are mug-shots and the other half are stories about "white privilege".

Clearly Google isn't in the business of giving information...

/cc @adam

Podcast Addict next Beta will support Chapters, Locked and Funding tags.
I'm just waiting for Google approval...
Regarding the ID tag is it possible to add Podcast Addict to the ID list?

Wow, just listened to Joe Rogan with Kanye West. That was a piece of art, one of the most beautiful shows I've listened to in a while.

@adam Could you leave a second of silence at the end of NA episodes? It might be an issue in my player (PodcastAddict) but 99% of the time the end-of-show ISO gets cut off at the end :(

How did I miss the solo project "Lindemann" from Rammsteins frontman? Every fan is missing the lullaby "Schlaf ein" in their life 😁 A good mix of disturbing and hilarious songs. And unless I'm mistaken, a late Leonard Cohen parody.

Typical... My company just announced a new policy to replace "insensitive terms with inclusive language" (terms like "whitelist", "master branch", etc.) to make the industry "more inclusive".

On the internal announcement, there were a bunch of people questioning these cynical word games. So the thread was set to "read only".

Apparently inclusiveness only goes one way. 🤦‍♂️

Google removed K-9 Mail from the Play store with zero notice because the description of the app included alternate spellings of the app name we'd included to work around how bad Play's search is.

PSA: GitHub is going all SJW and will change the default branch for new repositories from "master" -> "main" after October 1.

Update your settings now to prevent this: github.com/github/renaming

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