@adam Is that vaccination registry thingy actually a thing? Site seems to be a domain squatter...

Talk about the American and the Chinese economies being integrated:

Living in China, I wanted to order the cancelled Dr. Seuss books before they're all burned at the stakes.

Can't find them anywhere on the ecommerce platforms here (and they have everything, you can even order airplanes or super tankers there!). They're listed in plenty of stores, but they're sold out everywhere.

I guess I"ll have to wait for someone to start selling a copied set of the banned books. It's bound to happen.

This is the most incredible repository on github right now : github.com/jart/cosmopolitan

Here's the description:

Cosmopolitan Libc makes C a build-once run-anywhere language, like Java, except it doesn't need an interpreter or virtual machine. Instead, it reconfigures stock GCC and Clang to output a POSIX-approved polyglot format that runs natively on Linux + Mac + Windows + FreeBSD + OpenBSD + NetBSD + BIOS with the best possible performance and the tiniest footprint imaginable.

Creatief boekhouden...


2.5% minder incidenten, 55% minder reizen. Totaal genomen een lichte daling (2.5%), per reis een dikke verdubbeling (219%).

/cc @adam

Ha, they must really be struggling for audience to be publishing teasers to Rogan's old podcast feed.

Feeling nostalgic? I just discovered the Gemini protocol, which advertises itself as a modern Gopher protocol (e.g. TLS encryption is standard, uses a markdown-like markup language, both text-UI and graphical UI clients available)

Installed a client and server and setup my first website (on localhost) in five minutes tops.

I'm liking it!

I'm using:
- client: github.com/makeworld-the-bette
- server: gitlab.com/tslocum/twins

(both written in Go, which is my daily-language)

/cc @adam

Let the de-platforming continue... Next target (as expected): Telegram.


What these people don't understand is that a "safe" internet is boring. Living in China I can tell attest to that, I barely even use the internet because I just can't be bothered to climb the wall...

Crazy idea... But what if sending email wasn't free, but each copy costs a blockchained penny? For normal users it would be a zero-sum game, they might even *earn* money, as the number of emails they receive outnumbers the emails they send. It would be the corporations, and particularly the spammers, paying for the whole scheme.

If tuned properly, it might even pay for the actual email service and mailbox, no need to pay with your privacy.

Hi @fabsh, I'm catching up on the Private Citizen, and in one of them you mentioned "have you seen the air in Beijing?"

As I've actually been living there for over a decade, I thought I'd share a photo of today's air 😉

You're about a decade behind with your comment... Winter time has the worst air condition due to heating, which was traditionally done by burning coal. This has all been switched over to natural gas the last years.

Bad air days are few and far between now.

Just listened to the Rogan episode with Kermit Pattison. Really interesting, I learned a bunch about early hominids and archeology.

Episodes like this is why I subscribe, and I found it amusing how the guy was often surprised/somewhat confused that Rogan would just let him talk, go on sidetracks, fill in back stories, etc.

That's the magic of long-form podcasts that don't stop every ten minutes for commercial breaks!

BTW, this would have been a perfect episode for image-chapters.

I did a simple experiment on Google images tonight: I searched for "white man" and "black man".

The former has almost half blatantly incorrect results, while the latter had just one.

But look a little closer: the "black" results almost exclusively shows victim roles, while half of the "white results" are mug-shots and the other half are stories about "white privilege".

Clearly Google isn't in the business of giving information...

/cc @adam

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