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"Just 100 days to mask, not forever. One hundred days.” - Joe Biden 12/4/20

Ready to print and notarize Religious Exemptions for Vaccines. Also see the list of Clerical resources.

@lradcliff @conti @Sir1007 It sounds like you may not have time, but I ordered 10 "Ziverdo" kits from an online pharmacy in India. Doxycycline, Ivermectin, and Zinc, over a 14 day schedule.

They were ~$10 each and took 3 weeks to arrive...and the site seemed incredibly sketchy, but they all did arrive intact as promised.

Search for "Genericcorner" (two "c"s)

Yes! Yes! It must have more representation! More colors, you bigots.

The push by the media to portray the vaccine hesitant (what a stupid term) as white conservatives is likely convincing to only one group: white liberals.

And the office is now 30% mask wearing. We'll see where that goes in the next few weeks.

If you needed a reminder that we're still in clown world.

Code blue code blue! Climate and covid timelines converging once again!

Just saw a gen z punk wearing a black flag face mask

Gas station attendant gave me dollar off a beverage for paying in quarters lol. Did not think the shortage was still going on

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