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What All Women & Girls Need To Know About COVID Vaccines & Spike Protein

Covid Vaxxed Must Be Quarantined Expert Doctor Group's Consensus of Opinion

Spike protein is the bioweapon - Why vaxxed people are making HEALTHY people sick - Pfizer document admits vaccinated people shed Particles

Doctors around the world unite to call the Covid Kill Shots 'Unnecessary, Ineffective and Unsafe'

Tucker Reveals GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Secretly Lives In An Apartment With Google Lobbyist Frank Luntz

Former OR Democrat House Majority Speaker Arrested For Human Sex Trafficking

Gross Insanity - St Louis votes to DEFUND The Police And has the backing of the new BLM Congresswoman

In 2012 I photographed the release of the Surface. There was an enormous demo display setup in Times Square. I would basically take laps and visit the stations with new people each time. As I approached the Microsoft storefront on one of these laps Bill and Melinda crossed my path in one of the more serendipitous event photography moments of my life. The dude with the hat is the body guard.

This is a terrible thing that’s happening to our country. A young man, eating a burger, and some man in a striped shirt just steals it. And the only one that knows it better than you and I and other people is the Hamburgler. They know it, they know it. He’s smart. Tough guy, the Hamburgler but he’s got to cut it out.

the famous Gavin Newsome/Kimberly Guilfoyle carpet photo at the Getty mansion for Harper’s Bazaar. So friggin funny in retrospect.

missing our handler, when are we going to get another interview?

@conti I paused the show to find the site and opened it in a tab days ago but am just getting into it now. Seems like a treasure trove for sure!

FYI, it also references this site:

Strangeness... what the hell is going on?
This Carnival in AZ has some weird circumstances surrounding it.... via @YouTube

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