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*sigh* filling finishing nail holes in trim is tedious work

Thank You, Canadian Senate! Looks like the vote was too close to call for Trudeau so they yanked the Act before the Senate voted on it.

Police are moving on the Ambassador Bridge right now

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Our little convoy going from Castlegar to Nelson BC is pretty awesome!

Doing our bit in Castlegar BC to protest these unconditional mandates!

New idea regarding NA on Santa getting vaccinated in front of children. Go to Santa School, get a gig being a Mall Santa getting vaccinated in front of the children, shortly after getting jabbed, clutch your chest and collapse. Hilarity ensues.

I've just registered my decision to decline donating my organs after my death, because of the implicit threat of people being denied organ transplant for not being COVID-19 vaccinated. When transplant groups in BC stop "reviewing" their policies and make an affirmative statement that donated organs will not be used as a lever to force COVID-19 vaccinations, I'll be happy to change my organ donation decision.

Happy NA New Year's to all of you. Let's break the narrative in the next 12 months!

Well there you go, never let a good crisis go to waste. The federal government used The Endemic to surveil us Canadians. For our own safety, of course.

Wishing everyone a Merry No Agenda Christmas.

Stay Safe

@adam Had a friend tell me his GF, who works as a care aid in a Long Term Care facility in Nelson, British Columbia, was told by management that while she is unvaccinated she will be laid off until she gets the shot. At the same time a doctor at the same facility, who is also unvaccinated, has been declared essential, and has been given permission to work at the facility unvaccinated. If true, it goes to show there are rules for the Little People and rules for the better connected.

I'm trying to do what @adam says we should be doing and start my own small Mastodon instance for my local community of people who haven't accepted the vaccine into their lives. Does anyone have a how to link to setup a Mastodon server on a Raspberry Pi 4gb?

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