Just for clarification here: I was joking.

I knew it!

Someone call Leo Zagami pronto!

#33 #33 #33 #33 #33 #33 #33 #33

Technology, not Technocracy.

Global Deals, not Globalism.

There, I just solved it. Fuck you obama.


First: I Made a BUNCH of #India Bots. They're at the bottom of the master list page: mastlist.blogspot.com/

New English bots:

African Stand




@Johncdvorak had a great point in today's newsletter about the cops STILL holing that M4 or whatever over the kids when they knew situation was neutralized. IMAGINE that even a few years ago.

I have Never (ok once) sat on a toilet drinking Martini's watching prostitutes on the American tax-payer's dollar:


@adam show topic suggestion:

Do this google search and watch your stomach drop...

business "to close" after:2019-11-01

... Heck, do it for 11-14 and it's crazy.


Canaan Inc., a Hangzhou-based crypto-mining firm, filed to raise $100 million in an offering of 10 million ADSs priced between $9 to $11. It posted net revenue of $394.1 million in 2018 and income of $8.3 million. It plans to list on the Nasdaq as “CAN.”


Somehow it seems appropriate that our Edward Snowden episode was instantly demonetized...

Original: twitter.com/ChinaUncensored/st
#China #Snowden

eBAY Deals-of-the-day for 11/15 ==> ebay.to/31fP1Gd

Can one smart NA person give me one reason why the grand solar minimum (and not global heating).... is Not about to befall the earth?

With: it getting very cold for 50 years (in line with 2030 agenda but for different reasons).

Just up is down and down is up everywhere you look...


"There was some concern that we would cause a panic if someone heard gunshots on grounds."

@UVA cancels #VeteransDay 21 gun salute. washex.am/33FoofU 

Original: twitter.com/dcexaminer/status/
#News #Shot #Guns

Full-List of bots: mastlist.blogspot.com

Hey what could go wrong? More signals, in your house, up your ass.

GuRu Wireless (fka Auspion, Inc), a Pasadena, Calif.-based wireless power company, raised $15 million in Series A funding. Investors include Kairos Ventures and BOLD Capital Partners.

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