I am a builder.

It's time to kill the robots.

Here's a script when you're traveling. Load in the MACs and make sure that evil is OFF before you sleep. Don't trust the signals (Amazon, Goog, etc).


A ton of fake meat companies got money this week.

Here it comes slaves. Better fix it. I AM for me!

Erase the evil.


I'm sick of hearing about "adrenechrome."

Go learn how to build something, hunt something, plant something. These people are pissing me off.

Check out this racist chart. They compare all ethnicities TO white people. What the heck?

Percent of Total Population that has Received a COVID-19 Vaccine by Race/Ethnicity, Selected States,
April 5, 2021


Was Lin Wood a tremendous piece of lying anti-American shit who should be in prison? For whatever misleading things he did that caused families to hate their truth-seeking relations (repeating what he said) more than ever? Was he a Q-association that took that football and ran?

OR, did I miss something and he was telling the truth and it just didn't happen yet?

Let's designate all drudge stores, "utiltiies" so they can't make entire series on "take the shot, get freedom." It's evil.


What if amusement park CEOs were all "ride fixing?" Is that illegal?

Think about it... the second one of them says, "Ok, a standard ride is Two loops around the track," they all have to do it!

I demand we investigate Big-Themepark!

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