...Two words I can't use anymore without qualification. Erase Evil.


"Discriminating against tattoo-sporting employees and job applicants would be illegal under a new bill that City Councilman Shaun Abreu is planning to introduce this week."

I just tried to make cocoa sloppily and it worked...

Take 1 tablespoon of cocoa and 2 faux-teaspoons of Stevia. Put in pot. Put in milk. Put on high until boil. Put in dry ingredients first.

That's it. Very good

Big Pharma and livestock? How is that legal?

"Merck Animal Health agreed to acquire Vence, a San Diego-based livestock technology firm. Financial terms were not disclosed. "

There's a company in Austin that got $15M in funding to make something dealing with "particle accelerators." Hmmmm

BEZOS and BLOOMBERG (yes funders) don't need Greta any more, she talks too much and needs a credit card.

Meet "Little Amal," and right in your face... at St. Patricks.

Memba this guy?

HE DIED 3 DAYS AFTER THE RAID said Rick Wiles' film. Didn't see that in the news.

Watch again Milgram experiment.

Yes Rick Wiles' new movie sparked this.

But watch it again. It's a plane they're on

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I might have an answer to the "parallel universe behavior" we see in vaxx-lovers.......

It's a plane.

You can ride it if you want. Try it. Think. Then come back. They're stuck in this plane.

Tell everyone.

Rick Wiles' new free movie is pretty good so far. A few new things.

Here's how brainwashed we are. RT blocked on youtube so now I don't watch it. But why not?

@DewsNews AJ's angle of the ambulance chasers making $73MM FROM SH is very good but I would add this:

They made $73MM from SH with a 99.999999% (whatever) gross profit margin!!!

What was their cost, lawyer salaries? Which were likely low in hopes they'll get a piece of that $73MM. This is important point. They not only committed fraud, but they really-rolled-it (which would be good-business IF it were a legitimate business, which it was not).

I have to give YU (the Jewish college in NYC) credit here fighting against the technocracy whether they knew it or not ...

"University officials had decided to suspend all student groups on Friday after the Supreme Court denied their attempt not to recognize the YU Pride Alliance."

Rick Wiles' "The Greatest Reset" movie supposedly free to watch online.

Ethan Van Sciver on Delingpole. "Cyber Frog." Frog = Fully Rely On God.

And it's done $6MM in revenue in the last 4 years.

We need to have a term for when you see something "token ESG" inserted into a film or list (like best films for instance).

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