Did I miss something here?

SkyNews said some retarded non song was the #1 hit: youtube.com/watch?v=CqzZaPOTDL

Is not this the real one?

If I were the CIA I would do this...

Every major "hack" was us. Every major spyware was us. Every major data-breach was us.


It's "cash under the table." No paper trail.

I bet they do this all day long.

Catsimatidis says food to be up 10%.

Now remember his shit stores (you want to like him until you visit his SHIT STORES) are already through the roof. I think they exist based on food stamps or something, it makes no sense.


"Richard Levine sworn in as first openly transgender four-star officer in health corps"

Please wear a costume. Please wear a costume. Please wear a costume. Please wear a costume. Please wear a costume. Please wear a costume.

Is anyone following Michael Moore (not that one) herbalist stuff?


The following websites are sources for continuing information and education in the field of American herbalism.
Specific questions about herbal preparation can be found on the Southwest School site at:




No one does a better Fulton Sheen impersonation in their underwear dancing around telling a story, than I. I don't care who you are.

"Experiencing Homelessness"

"She/Her/Hers pronouns."




DiBlasio press conf has it all!!

deBlasio's wife just clearly-called corporate sponsors....

"Employer Partners"


In the apocalypse, would you rather own a hoe or a froe?

Vigano: "Klaus Schwab Rothschild"

Take that muthafuckas!

@VeddyBadAng @commandlinekid LEDs command their power much in the same way that CFB do, turning off/on at nearly imperceptible high rates. As a CFB wanes in ages, it’s rather noticeable.

LEDs can flicker at much higher rates, and over time the brain does adopts this higher frequency through a process called entrainment, or better known as the tuning fork effect. Over time at high frequency levels it will cause fatigue and maybe other issues. Like records are to music, incandescent bulbs win.

You can only ruin finance once, everything else is just a joke after that.

"First bitcoin futures ETF to make its debut Tuesday on the NYSE, ProShares says"

BRIGHT-WHITE-LED lights, from barns, to cars, to houses:

=> Have RUINED western society.


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