"The decision means that the annual West Indian Day Parade and the Feast of San Gennaro will not happen in 2020. "

Well at least there will be less death and destruction this year since the West Indian Parade is cancelled.

And San Gennaro, but let's be honest, it's depressing now anyway. Not like the old days.

@realdonaldtrump Orangeman undies in a bunch. I don't know what this foreign country thing is I'll have to look it up.



DeBlasio literally just said that the Most crowded (aka the worst) schools may have kids there ONE or sometimes TWO days per week.

As goes NY so goes where you live. I would watch this.

"To support their safe separation from their loved ones."

..."And I know this might be scary but..."

WOW.... just get someone from the community you're planning to exterminate to be the "Chief Equity Officer," tell her not to worry changing clothes.... just wear what you have on! Amazing.


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I don't like this at all

- Walgreens Boots Alliance (Nasdaq: WBA) agreed to invest $1 billion in equity and convertible debt in VillageMD, a provider of primary care services. The funding will primarily be used to open full-service doctor offices co-located at Walgreens stores.

Fake foods advance...

"...And on Wednesday, Perfect Day, a food tech startup producing animal-free dairy proteins through fermentation, announced that it had expanded its Series C round to $300 million (!), with Canada Pension Plan Investment Board’s investment group Thematic Investing leading a $50 million tranche."

Three new bots today

(give them about an hour to populate)
Ami Horowitz
terry crews
Citizen Free Press

What? I guess if it's Hong Kong it could be legitimate?

BlueCity Holdings, a China-based LGBTQ community and dating platform, raised $85 million in an offering of 5.3 million ADSs priced at $16. It plans to list on the Nasdaq as β€œBLCT.”


Who wants to see what Dubai real estate looks like?


- Nomad Homes, a Dubai-based real estate tech startup, raised $4 million in funding. Comcast Ventures led the round and was joined by investors including Abstract Ventures, Partech, Precursor Ventures, WndrCo, and Class 5 Global.

Do you know how many "cyber security" 'companies' come out of the freaking DESERT country of Israel?

Come the frig on already. Why?

- XM Cyber , an Israel-based cyber risk analytics and cloud security management company, raised $17 million in Series B funding. Investors included Macquarie Capital, Nasdaq Ventures, Our Innovation Fund, and Swarth Group.

Here it comes (et al)....

- Doctor On Demand, a San Francisco-based virtual care provider, raised $75 million in Series D funding. General Atlantic led the round.

We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ! #2020VISION twitter.com/kanyewest/status/1 #Kanye #Ye #America #God #UnitedStates

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If @KanyeWest can run for President of the United States, then I say Tekashi69 can also run for president with Nikki Minaj as his vice president.

I thought there was a Bat-MAN and a Cat-WOMAN? What happened? And, she's a lesbian which is somehow necessary for you to know.

"Leslie will be the first Black actor to play the superhero role in a live-action TV or film production. Leslie is also bi-sexual."

FBI Director Christopher Wray said the Chinese Communist Party is employing a variety of means to replace the United States as the world’s leading superpower. ow.ly/HLMv30qX76X twitter.com/NewAmericanMag/sta #FBI #UnitedStates

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