Someone please do a documentary called, "Greta's Security."

I love watching her fake cartoon show. The real security mixed with the 12 year old random girl (Sorry, I meant 17) is a dichotomy I just can't pass up.

I don't care how many times people make videos of them sticking their hand in a trap. I have to watch.

For those non NY'ers.......

The Greatest FREE advertisement of all time. Ran on the nicest part of West Side Highway for most of the 90's.

He knows exactly what he's doing. is freaking great.

Screw Amazon! Use these people!

They sell housewares in Florida.

They are a family owned company and have customer service people in-their-office.

And their shipping is cheap. And they will replace anything that had any problem.

Why don't more people know about them????

I'm 100% for "Trump" (meaning what he fights for) BUT....

He should have let Jiden hang himself instead of jumping in so much.

When you read today of the Hasid town upstate called, " Kiryas Joel," let us note that in 2015 (from a database I kept) they spend like 5-6 times more per student than anywhere else in NYS. Rich towns spent like $5-7K. Them?

"district spends $37,790 per pupil."

I hate to give him credit but Chris Wallace is doing a fine job at this single particular event.

Oreilly just said, "What the Duce?"

Stop talking down to me Orielly, you're not that accomplished. You have a TV show. Congratulations.

I made popcorn, got naked, and turned on Youtube at 8.

The debates aren't on until 9!! Dammit.


Sheen says....

A "Mask but no Face"

...........Is a Perpetual Phony.

Are they hellbent on creating, "perpetual phonys?"

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