@adam RIAA sent a DMCA for youtube-dl and all associated derivative source code hosted on github.


Fuck the RIAA

@TheCzar @adam thought they were bad before the 'net, so much worse now

@Sabex @nostradamust @TheCzar @AzurusNova I bet the devs will start a GitLab instance. It's still in all the repositories, right?

@colossalspam @Sabex @nostradamust @TheCzar @AzurusNova that's what I was thinking. I wonder how GitLab would respond to the DMCA letter.

@noagendashowvideo @Sabex @nostradamust @TheCzar @AzurusNova They wouldn't be sending it to GitLab themselves, would they? Could GitLab even do anything to stop them if youtube-dl wants to self-host?

@noagendashowvideo @colossalspam @Sabex @nostradamust @TheCzar also if anybody has a backup of this that can be used for installing from source and the instructions to do so that would be much appreciated I would like to have a backup of that personally.

@AzurusNova @noagendashowvideo @colossalspam @nostradamust @TheCzar I have it installed here on my laptop. Not sure how I can package and distribute it though.

Tried pip?

@Sabex @noagendashowvideo @colossalspam @nostradamust @TheCzar the problem is is to install it that direction you need a source to get it from and that's pulling from a git repository.

Since now that get repository no longer exist you can't download it from anywhere not even from a flathub.

@AzurusNova @Sabex @noagendashowvideo @nostradamust @TheCzar resynth1943.net/articles/youtu
"Nevertheless, there are still ways to access this source code. For starters, the youtube-dl module is still available on PyPi, a package hosting platform for Python. Also, Gitee (a Chinese Git platform) contains a copy of youtube-dl in its entirety."

@colossalspam @Sabex @noagendashowvideo @nostradamust @TheCzar for everyone listening to this and anyone that wants to keep a copy of those files downloaded that was so it's spread over a wide area please do so and spread the signal!

@Sabex @AzurusNova @noagendashowvideo @nostradamust @TheCzar I downloaded the tarball from pypi.org, but I'm on my phone; can somebody else clone the repository from that Chinese GitHub knockoff?

@Sabex @colossalspam @AzurusNova @nostradamust @TheCzar I guess the difficulty might be that part of the project was playing cat-and-mouse around all of the defense measures or whatever youtube does to prevent easy downloads.

@colossalspam @noagendashowvideo @Sabex @nostradamust @TheCzar

And it just so happens that the file is just small enough to fit onto a small floppy disk, something I am going tight now.

@colossalspam @noagendashowvideo @Sabex @nostradamust @TheCzar Whats better is that I have the punch label maker for making a sticker for that. XD

@colossalspam @noagendashowvideo @Sabex @nostradamust @TheCzar

I also have a PDF version of the site for saving of the instructions.

@colossalspam @noagendashowvideo @Sabex @nostradamust @TheCzar Seems Mastodon isnt able to upload pdf or zip files of any sort. Damn.

@colossalspam @noagendashowvideo @Sabex @nostradamust @TheCzar Just have it set to a reasonable file limit so people have to get creative with their uploads.

@AzurusNova @noagendashowvideo @Sabex @nostradamust @TheCzar Seems like you can't just stick a .jpg on the end and trick the system. Oh well

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