I can live with permanent standard time or continuing to switch back and forth in spring and fall, but I refuse the other option. Permanent DST is abhorrent to God and Nature. Noon is when the sun is directly above, motherfuckers!

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@coldacid Move to Arizona and never change your clock again!

@coldacid Permanent standard. The state is centered just to the west of the 105th meridian west, so it's relatively close to solar time for most of the state.

@coldacid During the spring and summer when I was WFH and the kids were out of school I went to natural time. Alarm clock at sunrise every day, bed time is ~8 hours before that. Works great when cutoff from the world's schedule.



Everything operates off ZULU or GMT in the military.

EST is -5 off GMT

I'm with you. Stop fucking with it.

@coldacid Back to nature isn't part of the Green New Deal. Nature isn't Sustainable and God doesn't exist. Capice? 😵

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