@Moon in two words? "FUCK APPLE."

In more words, an open directory of podcasts that anyone can integrate into their podcast apps instead of relying on Apple's directory.

Regarding the website content, just nag @sobr and @adam about that. ;)

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@coldacid Is that what the API key is about, is it compatible with Apple's podcast interface? I'm sorry I don't know at all what Apple does.

We have a number of podcasts here and it sounds like that would be good exposure for them.

@Moon the API key stuff is all about integrating the directory with apps. Not so much for getting the podcasts listed. There _is_ a link for that, and @sobr sent it to me early on so I could add , but I'm not sure if it's shareable yet. He'll probably send it to you if you ask.

@coldacid I just realized they have a video on the front page that says it explains everything, I was looking for text but I'll listen to that too.

@Moon the Podcasting 2.0 podcast there on the front page is also good listening to understand better the mission of Podcast Index.

Wait I dont get it. All Apple asks you for is an RSS feed how does this help?

Tho to be fair to avoid being banned on iTunes I have bleeped out the occasional naughty word (I've only ever bleeped out the word cunt actually lmao idk if that's even forbidden) buy my show really doesnt have any filter topics-wise and take-wise and they haven't banned me yet lol

@dielan you're looking at it from the wrong direction. For starters, Apple is starting to hide the actual RSS feeds from users of their directory. For another thing, with the vast number of apps that simply rely on Apple's directory, that gives them far too much power.

This isn't a consumer thing, this is a producer and app thing.


@dielan @coldacid @Moon What is the name or feed or itunes id of your podcast?

At the moment I am using the feed SoundCloud generates for me I can't write it from memory but I have it linked on
@coldacid @Moon

@coldacid @dielan @Moon

There is a history of this vile uncivilized behavior, if you remember iTunes U(niversity).

Misleading dozens or hundreds of universities that iTunes would be a durable platform for lectures.

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