some are going to be very upset about this turn of events ....

@Lonestar I'm counting down the hours until a rainbow-hair claims he was never really one of them

@Ricotta @coldacid you were doing so well biting your tongue today, weeb
@wowaname @coldacid But it is good news.

Honestly, the thing that irritates me the most about you is that you're self aware enough to know better, but you continue down this ruinous path anyway. I can only assume due to the sunk cost fallacy or something similar.
@Ricotta @coldacid im not interested in carrying a conversation where someone else insists they know how i think. i'll be muting this thread
@coldacid Many people, being more emotional than logical, give into the tranny agenda due to personal testimonies and celebrity trannies. They simply want to be "Nice" and accept these people as who they now claim to be. But as more early transitioners end up regretting the mistakes they made and publicly denounce the tranny insanity, it might make more people wake up and realize that they're not actually being Nice, but merely Enabling self-destructive behavior.
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