The Fuck Your Code of Conduct (FUCOC):

1. Be useful.
2. Be helpful.
3. Call out any bullshit that does not move the _project_ (not the community, the project) forward.

Copywrong @ 2020 coldacid. All rights unrestrained.

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@coldacid But is it void in Utah and redeemable for 1/10 of 1 cent?
@coldacid @Bishop Are you saying that programming isn't a chick magnet, it's a Chuck magnet?
@coldacid @Bishop Seems like most of the engineering fields are.

My computers may be silent, but they won't cheat on me. Unless it's Windows, and that's just a little whore.

@comradeagle @Bishop you say that like being silent is a bad thing. Some women, I'd pay good money for them to shut up for just five seconds, jeezus can they talk

@coldacid @Bishop Sometimes I like someone to talk to.

I guess I could SSH into one of them and have a conversation with apt.

@comradeagle @coldacid seriously though. @dcgirl and I need to get on that podcast. I can put the ghostwriting for the vinegar book on hold.

Our people of no agenda social need us!

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