So I had to change seats on the train this morning because some middle-aged black cow who had been swimming in cheap perfume decided to sit in front of me.

I don't care if this sounds hateful or racist. If you fuck with my ability to breathe, the gloves fucking come off. And these people who always stink of these cheap artificial scents that my nose can't get used to are invariably obese women, mostly (but not always) black.

Why the fuck do people do this?

@coldacid black people smell weird, fat people smell weird, fat black people? it's hopeless, need to use heavy perfume or you smell like sweat and shit

@fluffy I'd rather they smell like sweat and shit, at least our noses and brains quickly tune those smells out thanks to millions of years of evolution. No such luck with these cloying artificial smells, they just fuck with the scent receptors in our noses and keep the horrible sensations (and the results of them) ongoing.

I have headache problems enough that I can't medicate for (because NSAIDs are contraindictive to my meds). And these smells make my headaches unbearable.


@fluffy bitch and moan on the internet like the social pussy I am, I guess :(

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@coldacid if only we lived in a society where you could address such legitimate grievances instead of the one we live in

@fluffy all the more reason i want truck-kun to send me to another world, where i got magic and swords and shit

then the people who pull bullshit around me will finally get what's coming to them

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